Good Morning Britain presenter praised by fans after 'brilliant' response to Brexit protester

Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh has been praised by viewers after giving a brilliant response to a Brexit protester this morning.

Whilst reporting on the latest Brexit news outside the Houses of Parliament live on the show, Ranvir was interrupted as she linked back to Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan in the studio.

She was speaking into the camera, when a protestor began shouting in the background, "Stop Brexit!" over and over.

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As Susanna and Piers appeared on the show, Susanna asked, "What is he shouting 'Stop Brexit'?"

To which Ranvir responded, "He's shouting 'Stop Brexit'...but shouting at me won't...", before addressing the protester directly.

She brilliantly told him, "I can't stop Brexit single-handedly, sir. I'm terribly sorry."

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Piers and Susanna were lift in fits of giggles after the response, with Ranvir, "I know I'm powerful, but, people have this view of me, you know that."

Susanna then commented back, "Well, you're a very powerful woman Ranvir."

Viewers of GMB were clearly delighted with Ranvir's clever response to the protester who had interrupted her broadcast, with many commenting to say it was 'brilliant'.

One fan said, 'Unscripted, so genuine and funny too. Fab-u-lous!', while another agreed saying, 'Loved this go Ranvir ❤️😂😂'

Another viewer commented, praising the presenter saying, 'Ha ha well handled Ranvir....brilliant xx'

While a fourth agreed, commenting, '@ranvir01 Polite and professional as always', and a fifth said, 'Well done Ranvir! 👏👏👏'

Later on, when a viewer suggested Ranvir invite him to join her on camera to ask about his motivations, she responded saying, 'Ha ha not with that megaphone 📢'

It certainly made for an interesting start to the day!

During the rest of the programme, Piers and Susanna spoke to a man called Faron Paul, who runs an informal amnesty in London where knifes are exchanged for vouchers.

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