Gillian Anderson reveals how she got into character to play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown

Gillian Anderson plays the former Prime Minister in series four of The Crown

Gillian Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher in The Crown
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Gillian Anderson has revealed how she got into character to portray former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Crown.

Series four of hit Netflix series The Crown, which details Britain's first female Prime Minister's time in power, dropped on Sunday.

Gillian, 52, who rose to fame playing FBI special agent Dana Scully in The X-Files, says she listened to Margaret Thatcher's interviews for hours on end to perfect the character.

She said: "I let go of my preconceived ideas of Margaret Thatcher.

“I watched every video there was to be watched on her. Her manner, her religion, how she walked, talked and moved. Getting into that wig definitely helps.

“Never in my life would I wear the shoes she wore."

She added of the uncomfortable costumes: “But walking in the way I learned to walk as her, and in those shoes, just helped so much — and wearing the really uncomfortable nylon stockings she might have worn.

“I swear they found them in the bottom of a box in a Salvation Army because I don’t think they make them any more."

Surprisingly, hair and make-up didn't take long, "about an hour and a half,' Gillian said.

“I did wear a body suit to make me a bit wider," she added.

We think she's done a fantastic job!

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