George Clooney has cut his hair using a vacuum cleaner for 25 years, and we have questions

What? How? Why? We don't know what to do with this information either...

George Clooney
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In today's unusual beauty news, it has been brought to our attention that George Clooney cuts his hair with the help of a vacuum cleaner attachment. Yes, you really did read that right!

While we would have thought that one of the most famous actors in existence would have an A-list hairdresser tend to his locks, it looks like Mr Clooney prefers a DIY job when it comes to his hair.

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The Ocean's Eleven star was discussing how he adjusted to months of being in lockdown, including the hair conundrum us mere mortals also faced. Turns out, it didn't phase him as much as it did the rest of us.

Speaking to CBS, George revealed that he uses a device that first launched in the 1980s to cut his hair – and has done so for decades.

George Clooney

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"I've been cutting my own hair for 25 years," he revealed. "Years ago, I bought a thing called a Flowbee; it comes with a vacuum cleaner and clippers. I still have it.

"My hair's like straw, so it's easy to cut," he added, even going as far as to demonstrate the noise said Flowbee makes. "Listen man, it works."

Well at least he won't find bits of hair all over the house for weeks after an at-home haircutting session.

Top marks for tidiness, George!

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