Fungi - Wordle 439 infuriates players with challenging word, 'That was so hard'

The word 'fungi' has infuriated a number of wordle players who were unable to solve this tricky botanical-based challenge

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Fungi is the most recent wordle challenge to stump online players who were unable to solve this tricky challenge because of a few unique reasons.

Wordle has been known to throw players a few curveballs, and words such as; twang, gruelpatty, and coyly, and have caused a lot of frustration for fans in the past.

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, the New York Times threw yet another curveball at fans when the word 'fungi' appeared as the answer. This word was particularly tricky for some UK fans who spell the word 'funghi' instead of 'fungi' and were therefore unfamiliar with the word. 

It was also a particularly tricky challenge for some players because of the unusual format of the word. Especially because it ended it the vowel 'i' which is relatively uncommon in the English language. Many players took to social media to complain about the difficulty of this particular word.  

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"That was so hard Good word though," said one fan who took four attempts to work out the challenge. "That was hard work! Wordle 439 5/6," said another.

"Wordle 439 6/6 Phew! The toughest I've faced till now. I really thought this time I'd end up with X/6, esp when I ran out of ideas after round 4," said yet another player.

One even questioned the validity of the word, "Wordle 439 X 6/6 Well, that really was pure cuckoo-bananas. What kinda a word is that lmao. Anyways, streak continues. #Wordle439,"

"Bloody American spelling … Grrr.. Wordle 439 5/6," said another who was annoyed with the American version of the word appearing in the game.

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Fungi meaning

The word 'fungi' is the plural word for 'fungus'. Fungus is described by the Oxford dictionary as 'any of a group of spore-producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including moulds, yeast, mushrooms, and toadstools'.


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