Fern Britton and Phil Vickery reveal they've split after more than 20 years together

Fern Britton and Phil Vickery
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Fern Britton and Phil Vickery have announced that they have split after more than 20 years together.

The pair revealed they went their separate ways on social media, with a joint a statement.

It read, ‘After more than 20 happy years together, Phil and I have decided to go our separate ways. We will always share a great friendship and our lovely children . We would appreciate it if our privacy is respected at this time. Thankyou for your continued kindness and support.’

Lots of fans of the couple were quick to express how saw they were about the split, with one saying, ‘Oh Fern, I'm so sorry to hear this especially so soon after losing your dad. Take good care of yourself.’

Another wrote, ‘This is the saddest celebrity news ever I’m genuinely sorry, you seem like a lovely pair.’

A third added, ‘I’m so sorry honey but sometimes it’s better than ‘hanging on in there’- you stay strong and the gorgeous, beautiful, funny and warm person you are and all good things will come again.’

The couple married back in 2000, and went on to have daughter Winnie, who's now 18-years-old. Fern is also a mother to twin sons Jack and Harry, 25, and a daughter Grace, 22, from her first marriage to Clive Jones.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about Phil, Fern has previously said, “He is my life’s great love, a really amazing, husband, partner, friend.

“Yes, we have humdingers, but then we’re normal. Anyway, that’s good for the children to see. This is a real relationship.”

She also revealed in 2018 that the secret to a happy marriage was giving each other freedom.

She told The Mirror, “We have let each other have our freedom. He's a man who has always got to meet a man about a dog.

"He says, 'I will be half an hour'. That might be a couple of days. We don't crowd each other and we are happy with that."

"Sex is great but a cup of tea is great, too. There’s nothing nicer than getting into bed with a cuppa and having a hug and a chat – that’s love.

"Lust is great, but when you really love someone and you trust each other, and you’re in bed together drinking tea and chatting, that is a true relationship."

The sad news comes just a month after Fern revealed her dad Tony had passed away, a few days before Christmas.

She wrote on Twitter at the time, ‘Our father, Tony Britton, died early this morning. Great actor, director and charmer. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.'

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