Fans are convinced Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones is coming back – but not where you might think

Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones could be returning to screens, but not necessarily where you might expect

Samantha Jones just might be popping up somewhere unexpected
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While fans of Sex and the City and its hit spin-off And Just Like That have made their peace with the exit of Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones, the character could make a surprise return to screens.

But instead of Cosmos with Carrie in And Just Like That season 2, we might be seeing Samantha enjoying an eclair with Emily.

As in Emily Cooper, star of Netflix’s Emily in Paris.

Despite sounding slightly random, there’s plenty of clues as to why this could be a very plausible crossover.

To start with, Samantha is in London. We know this from And Just Like That, where her absence from the series was explained. Carrie and Miranda revealed in a conversation that Samantha, after a falling out with Carrie, accepted a lucrative job offer in London.

Up and off she went, setting up a new life in PR across the pond.

Of course, fans know the real reason was Kim Cattrall choosing not to return, stating on numerous occasions that she was done playing the role after first becoming Samantha back in 1998.

Kim Cattrall and Darren Star at the Emily in Paris red carpet

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Bringing it back to the Emily in Paris theory, though, having Samantha located in nearby London could make it very logistical for a swift cameo, not least because Emily Cooper also works in PR.

Not only is she geographically close, being on the same continent and all, but at the end of Emily in Paris season two, Emily’s new love interest Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) revealed he was moving back to London and wants to try a long-distance relationship.

Could Emily bump into Samantha on a weekend trip to London? Might they sit next to one another on the Eurostar train?  

If you’re still not convinced, the next big clue that this crossover event will happen is that Darren Star is the creator of both Sex and the City and Emily in Paris.

Darren, who is not involved with And Just Like That, has remained close with Kim Cattrall.

Which brings us to the next clue. Kim Cattrall appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Emily in Paris’ forthcoming third season earlier this month, posing happily with Darren.

Fans flooded the comments of the social media snaps of the pair, convinced this was all the proof they needed that Samantha Jones will be seen again.

Comments from very excited fans included, “If you were to be in Emily in Paris it would make my dreams come true” and “If she plays Samantha on this show I will die of happiness.”

Another simply added, “#SamanthainLondon.”

Samantha Jones might be gone from the Sex and the City universe, but could she be popping up on Netflix?

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Fans will know soon enough as Emily in Paris season three drops on Netflix on December 23.

Patricia Field, the legendary costume designer and fashion expert, is another piece in the puzzle.

Patricia was the original costume designer for Sex and the City but she dropped out of returning for And Just Like That after committing to working on Emily in Paris.

Patricia and Kim are also good friends, regularly posing on Instagram together.

Might Patricia have done what SJP and co couldn’t and lured Kim back for a cameo?

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