Everyone's going crazy over this new video of Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy looking so grown-up

Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy joined her dad Jay-Z at the NBA finals and fans are shocked by how grown up she looks

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy
(Image credit: Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer)

All eyes were on celebrity father-daughter team Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter during game five of the NBA finals at the Chase Center in San Francisco earlier this week, when the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Boston Celtics.

Resembling her mother Beyonce, who recently made a song with all her kids and nephew, Blue Ivy looked oh-so-stylish with a black T-shirt with the words "Brown Skin Girl" written on it. For those who don't know, that's actually the title of her and mom Beyonce's Grammy-winning song. Blue Ivy finished off her look with a leather jacket, black pants, Nike sneakers, sunglasses and hoop earrings. 

The power couple's daughter, who is now 10 years old, joined her father court-side and the two were even shown on the Jumbotron, an episode that seemingly caused Blue Ivy to get very embarrassed. 

Clips of the funny happening have been circulating on social media, with fans commenting on how adorable the Carters relationship seems to be, how much Blue Ivy looks like her mother and how grown-up she appears to be overall.

When noticing their faces on the big screen, a smiling Jay-Z is seen putting his arm around his daughter. "Dad, my hair," Blue Ivy seems to mouth in the clip while smiling. 

Folks took to Twitter to laugh about the exchange. 

"Me and my daughter when she begged me to stop coming up to the school to eat lunch with her 😂," one user funnily commented. 

"Her parents are the most famous people in the world but she gotta keep them humble,”"another wrote.

"This isn’t Beyoncé?," someone else commented.

"Blue’s Appearance: 50-50 Jay & Bey. Blue’s Body Language: 100% Bey," yet another hilariously noted.

It was clearly a memorable evening for everyone. After watching the Warrior beat the Celtics 104 to 94, Blue Ivy and her dad were able to meet player Stephen Curry behind the scenes. According to E! News, the 10-year-old was, "so excited to meet Steph. He shook her hand and hugged Jay." 

Clearly, no matter how old celebrities are, they are just like us regular folk: they get excited about meeting fellow stars, are constantly embarrassed by their parents and try to keep a straight face while in public. 

We feel you, Blue Ivy!

Anna Rahmanan

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