Elvis Presley's granddaughter Riley Keough admits she lied about her singing skills to score this major role

Fans are wondering if Riley Keough sings in Daisy Jones and The Six as the star admits to lying to producers about her singing abilities

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Riley Keough's singing in Daisy Jones and The Six, is highly anticipated by fans who can't wait to see and hear Elvis Presley's granddaughter in action. 

Riley Keough is set to star in Daisy Jones and The Six as the titular star, Daisy Jones. The show is about a fictitious rock band loosely based on Fleetwood Mac and explores their sudden rise to fame and their shock decision to call it quits after making big. 

As the series is about a band, naturally the lead characters in the show are expected to actually sing as well as act in this highly anticipated series. However, Riley Keough has recently admitted to lying about her singing abilities during her audition process and told the producers that she was an experienced singer - when in fact this series will mark her first ever singing role!

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On Monday, February 27, there was a screening of the first episode in New York City that was attended by the star studded cast including Sam Claflin, Suki Waterhouse, and Josh Whitehouse. 

According to People, Riley admitted that the audition process was a blur and she stright up lied about her singing expertise. "I think I blacked out on that meeting. I don't really remember what happened," she said during a panel. "And then I auditioned like everybody else, and lied to them and told them l could sing."

Although she may have been lying about how practised she was at singing, the star wasn't fully fibbing as her singing ability speaks for itself in the clips released ahead of the show - and yes! That really is Riley Keough singing in all of the songs released ahead of the series!

During the panel, Riley also admitted to not being familiar with the book the show is based on, but said that she felt a 'cosmic' connection as soon as she heard that she'd be auditioning for the show. 

"I hadn't read the book [before my audition] and my agent called me and she said Hello Sunshine is making a show called Daisy Jones & the Six. And in that moment … I had like a weird cosmic dropdown," she said. "It was like, 'You're gonna be Daisy in this show'."

Despite possibly having some pressure to sing well because of her grandfather's talent, her co-star Sam Claflin commended Riley for not being shrugging off the expectations placed on her shoulders.

"As much as she had that reputation in her family genes, she didn't come with much musical experience herself, so the two of us had each other to lean on in that way," said Sam. "She just never carried that pressure with her. You wouldn't know," he then added. "And honestly, I had to kind of keep reminding myself that her granddad is Elvis Presley. She's honestly just a joy to work with, like a genuine friend and someone I really care about."

Daisy Jones and The Six is set to premiere on Friday, March 3, 2023 in the UK and US on Amazon Prime. The 10 episodes will be rolling out weekly every Friday until March 24. The first three episodes (1,2 and 3) will be released on March 3, the next three (episodes 4,5 and 6) on March 10, the next two ( episodes 7 and 8) on March 17, and the final two (episodes 9 and 10) on March 24.

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