Dyson's air purifying headphones are here, but would you wear them?

Dyson's air purifying headphones are the new invention that combines air filtration with headphones—and they're not an April fool's joke

Dyson Zone
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Dyson's air purifying headphones, the 'Dyson Zone' is finally coming and is set to change the way we listen to music forever.

Dyson—a brand best known for its incredible air-based appliances including some of the best vacuums on the market and the Dyson air wrap styler, which became the most sought-after gift of Christmas 2021 has now ventured in a new direction. The new launch product combines air and noise filtration.

The brand announced on social media, "Introducing the Dyson Zone™ air-purifying headphones. 30 years of air filtration expertise pioneered into a wearable, high-end audio device. With a contact-free visor to supply a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth. So, you can breathe cleaner air, anywhere."

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Chief Engineer, Jake Dyson commented on the product, saying that after six years of development, they were proud to launch a product that they believe would fight a 'global problem.'

"Air pollution is a global problem—it affects us everywhere we go. In our homes, at school, at work, and as we travel, whether on foot, on a bike, or by public or private transport," said the engineer.

"The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe on the move. And unlike face masks, it delivers a plume of fresh air without touching your face, using high-performance filters and two miniaturized air pumps. After six years in development, we’re excited to deliver pure air and pure audio, anywhere.”

The wearable air filtration device features earphones that double up as compressors to draw air through dual-layer filters. The air is then purified and two streams are sent from each ear cup to the wearer's nose and mouth through a non-contact visor.

The product is not yet available to purchase but Dyson have said it will go on sale in the fall—the price has yet to be confirmed. 


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Reactions to the launch of this product have been mixed and while some are desperate to get their hands on this new item, others are wary.

"Pls tell me this is an early April Fools post the intern scheduled too early," said one commenter who was in disbelief that this was in fact a real product.

"Talk about inventing something for invention's sake. I love Dyson products and have many but this to me seems like a joke. Will people buy it? Time will tell I guess 😳," said another.

Other commenters were far more enthusiastic. "LETS GO DYSON THIS IS SICK," said one fan. Another fan simply said, "Take my f**king money."

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