Dove has made a dramatic change to their packaging to reduce plastic usage

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Popular UK beauty brand Dove has announced its new plastic reduction programme, which involves switching up their packaging across all products.

They’ll be switching to 100% recycled plastic bottles, as well as plastic-free packaging for their much-loved Dove Beauty Bar soaps. Their new programme will begin this year.

The Unilever-owned brand is expected to reduce its use of plastic by more than 20,500 tonnes each year, and the new initiative is thought to be the largest of its kind.

Customers will soon be able to find 100% recycled bottles across all ranges, which includes Baby Dove and Dove Men. The only exception to this is where the company says it’s ‘technologically unfeasible’, such as bottle caps or pumps.

As for Dove Beauty Bars, Unilever plan on swapping the plastic outer-wrap found on multipacks, with a zero-plastic material to further reduce waste.

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They are also planning on developing a deodorant that is both reusable and refillable, and will be contained in stainless steel rather than plastic.

This big announcement follows a pledge from parent company Unilever, that they want to collect and process more plastic packaging than it sells.

Marcela Melero, Dove’s global skin cleansing vice president, says, “We are passionately committed to being one of the brands making the biggest impact against plastic waste. We know we’re not perfect, but we can’t afford to wait. We’re working to have the biggest positive impact we can, as quickly as we can, and empowering others to do the same.”

Dove have confirmed the news via their global Instagram page, sharing a video inviting followers to ‘look closer’ at new bottles in the future.

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Their caption continues, ‘By the end of 2019, we’ll be launching an initiative saving more than 20,500 tonnes of virgin plastic per year with 100% recycled plastic bottles* across all Dove ranges’

For clarification, Dove have added, ‘*At the moment this only includes bottles, but we’re working on caps and labels too’.

Many have praised the company for this move, with one follower writing, ‘SO GLAD THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING!! Thank you Dove!!’

Another added, ‘Thank you Dove 💟 appreciate your initiative 👍👍 keep it going 🙌’.

Keep an eye out for this new packaging, which is expected to hit shelves by early next year.

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