Deciphering your birth chart compatibility may be the key to having the relationship you've always dreamed of

Astrologer Carolyne Faulkner's simple guide on the most important elements in astrology birth chart compatibility and how to read yours

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Learning how to read your birth chart compatibility is one of the truest gifts in astrology. Trying to decipher one chart can be complicated enough, even when it’s your own but trying to read two charts to determine the strengths and pitfalls of your union can be daunting to say the least - so what if I made it simpler for you?

The concept of zodiac sign compatibility goes far beyond your sun sign. In truth, it's a far more intricate look into your astrology birth chart that tells us what really. makes you tick.

When I’m asked to look at two charts to assess the potential of that union, I look for way more than just Sun, Moon, and Mars connections, although that is a good place to begin, Mars and Venus are fast-moving planets that drift from sign to sign and having these connections as stand-alone could mean you or your partner follow the nomadic path of these transitory planets.

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You see the Sun highlights a mighty union with endless possibilities for love and fun, the Moon in combination indicates an emotional connection and Mars is all about passion and chemistry – but then what happens when arguments ensue? Or disagreements and misunderstandings threaten to blow the relationship you have invested time into building, far apart? 

That’s when you need Saturn, which inspires us to put the required work in to rebuild after any storm! Most people think Saturn is a party pooper and it certainly can be, but in reality, we need Saturn’s very real influence to form something lasting.

So how do you read your birth chart compatibility? First, let's look at how these connections are made - via aspects in your chart. While there are a ton of aspects I could list here, the most important in reading your birth chart compatibility are conjunctions, sextiles, trines, and oppositions.

Important aspects in birth chart compatibility

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  • Opposition - when two planets are at a 180-degree angle to each other and in direct opposition.
  • Trine - when two planets form a 120-degree angle and share the same element - earth, air, fire, or water.
  • Conjunction - when two planets are next to each other or within 10 degrees apart. 
  • Sextile - when two planets form a 60-degree angle to each other.

The above are the strongest aspects and are sufficient to keep both of you keen for long enough to work through any issues that are bound to arise and to form something monumental.

In any relationship patience, understanding and compassion are key but for everything else in between why not check both of your charts for the following connections?

Here's your guide to what having these connections, or indeed not having them, may mean for your birth chart compatibility.

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A Saturn connection indicates a union based on lessons and growth in which both of you are willing to put the work in to commit to each other and the union. Saturn is like a sort of glue that bonds you both together with a sense of responsibility and security that may have been lacking in other relationships and a willingness to grow and mature together as a couple.

Gone Right:

Mutual respect flows freely and so long as it can be maintained throughout the union will last. A feeling that you are building something solid encourages both of you to invest equally in the well-being and both the spiritual growth, and worldly gain of the other, believing that when one of you wins, you both do so it’s an even and harmonious union that still requires work but there’s no resentment from either and we all know that the latter is the killer of joy, peace, and love!

Gone Wrong:

Saturn gone wrong leads to coldness and a lack of emotional empathy from one or both partners that can be harsh and potentially harmful, almost like a restrictive parent or teacher who constantly calls you out on everything you have and haven’t done. This needs work to flip to the gone-right potential - patience and tolerance and of course trying not to take this behavior too personally. Communication is key but it needs to be constructive and without blame. 

For example, try this for growth, "when you criticize me, I feel as if my self-worth is slowly being eroded, how can we fix this?’" or "now say something nice!"


A Sun connection has the potential to build a sense of confidence in both of you and bring in the joyous feeling of being loved and ‘in’ love. The Sun has the potential to bring out the very best in both of you, to shine a light on past hurts and overcome them with strength - together!  

Gone Right:

You experience the pure version of joy and contentment that arises when two souls with a similar outlook on life meet and connect. That doesn’t always mean you are the same kinds of people; you just share an outlook that has the potential to make you feel as if you have ‘come home.’ 

Gone Wrong:

The Sun can expand ego resulting in a union based on selfishness and superficiality in general, it’s not pretty! It can mean that one or both is only interested in how the union looks to others or what they may gain from each other such as status, fame, or material wealth.

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The Moon indicates a profoundly deep and emotional union that has the potential to blow past unions into the abyss of the past, long forgotten. When we connect on an emotional level it leaves us feeling nurtured, cared for, and understood - there is rarely anything better!

Gone Right: 

This is a positive past-life reconnection that has the potential to heal old wounds and form a union that lasts forever (literally!) understanding and tolerance are bountiful in this blessed partnership and emotions are communicated without anger and with ease.

Gone Wrong:

This can lead to an explosive and even violent union based on misunderstandings and emotional immaturity. Mother issues can also flare up causing havoc, or past unions with women who left a bad mark.

North Node

North Node connections are karmic, you may feel as if you have met before in some other life and that is highly likely to be true. You may feel as though you have met your soul mate when the nodes connect in your charts but it’s vital to take the time to get to know each other in this life and overcome any inhibitions from the past to grow into love! 

Gone Right: 

The attraction is clear, and destiny beckons to you to establish a strong and committed union that stands the test of time, it’s truly magical and can be overwhelming, just keep your feet on the ground yet go with the flow too and walk into the real love realm with confidence.

Gone Wrong:

You may drop your guard too soon and get burned, this can happen if you feel you have met your soulmate because there is a flash of instant recognition that burns bright, and you feel comfortable enough to open up too soon.

Carolyne Faulkner

Carolyne Faulkner relocated from Wales as a teenager, with her son in tow. They now live quietly in a leafy part of London where the parks teem with deer and pubs have lock-ins for locals.

Carolyne is the founder of award-winning DIY astrology method Dynamic Astrology ™ is billed as ‘Britain’s Coolest Astrologer’ by The Telegraph and Forbes, is the author of three books, a writer and performance coach – her latest book The Signs in Love is published by Tarcher Perigee Penguin Random House in the US and Little Brown in the UK  

Her professional career really took off many Moons ago when she was recruited as a creative for the entertainment industry.

Carolyne is also a well-regarded Creative Director who has worked with brands like Louis Vuitton, Net-A-Porter, R/G/A for Gucci, and Mui Mui.

She is the first British woman to write and fund her own astrological software program from scratch and is currently writing a true story film and satirical comedy series for the screen.