Daisy Jones & the Six episode 8 recap: What was that ending all about and what's going on with Daisy and Billy?

Daisy Jones & the Six episode 8 really got us talking...

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Have a Daisy Jones & the Six fan in your life? You might want to check in on them after the ending of last week's episode 8. 

Fans of Taylor Jenkins Reid's novel-turned-miniseries Daisy Jones & The Six have been enjoying the weekly episode rollout of the new show, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime. The show follows Daisy Jones & The Six, a band set in the '70s and is loosely based on Fleetwood Mac for its tumultuous band member dynamics - and its motifs of sex, drugs, and of course, rock n' roll. 

So far, 8 of 10 episodes of the show have been released, and fans were left on the edge of their seats following the ending of episode 8. 

In case you missed that bomb drop at the end, don't worry - we recapped it for you.

***Warning - spoilers ahead***

Daisy Jones & the Six episode 8 recap: What happened at the end?

Once Daisy Jones & The Six's tour starts, things begin to take a turn for the worse. 

In episode 7, we see Daisy (played by Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough) get married to Nicky, the Irish royal who "just wants her to be happy," he comes back to LA with her so that she can pursue the tour instead of living in Greece with him. 

In episode 8, when the tour starts, all is seemingly well. Billy (Sam Claflin) has his own tour bus so he can stay away from anything that might tempt a relapse, and the others party it up after every show to celebrate their achievements. 

Unfortunately, Daisy's using gets a little out of hand. Her and Nicky can be seen constantly using throughout the episode - so much to the point where it starts affecting her performance. 

Additionally, fans notice that tensions between Billy and Daisy start to grow even more. Even with Camila and Nicky both being haphazardly present throughout different legs of their touring schedule, the two still can't seem to get away from each other - or out from under each other's skin. During one performance of The River, Daisy even relinquishes her own mic and starts to share one with Billy, creating a pretty intimate vibe for the song. She tells us, though, that she's just putting on the facade for "work."

During the final minutes of episode 8, fans see Daisy completely strung out during a show, so much so that she falls on stage and has to be escorted off by Billy. After getting talked to by Billy, she decides to rebel and go back out on stage to sing Look At Us Now (Honeycomb), the song Billy continually refused to play during the tour.

After the show, Billy goes to Daisy's room to tell her that he's going to kick her out of the band. The door opens to a frantic Nicky, who is stammering and clearly stressed. Billy and Rod barge in to find Daisy passed out on the floor of their shower due to an overdose.

Billy takes Daisy in his arms and begs her to wake up, slapping her face and crying while Rod gets an ambulance. Nicky packs up his stuff and flees the scene, completely avoiding the severity of his wife's condition.

Then, Daisy miraculously opens her eyes, looks at Billy and says, "It's you," before closing her eyes again. 

What will happen between Billy and Daisy?

Needless to say, fans have been reeling since the end of the 8th episode. 

"the last 5 minutes of daisy jones and the six episode 8……. LIKE I NEED COMPENSATION FOR WHAT I JUST WATCHED WITH MY VERY OWN 2 EYES," one person tweeted.

"episode 8 of daisy jones and the six iM UNWELL YALL…." another said.

Luckily for fans, there are still two more episodes left to stream where we can see what unravels between the two leads.

Fans of the book may have realized that this scene doesn't happen in the book. And, since the book has been significantly adapted and changed for the miniseries, we can't tell exactly what will happen in the final two episodes between Daisy and Billy. But we know, ultimately, the two won't end up together, and we're on the edge of our seats waiting to see what will happen in the interim with episodes 9 and 10. 

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