Here’s how much it would cost to stay in iconic Christmas film houses – including Home Alone

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One of the joys of the festive season is watching Christmas films. Often set in picturesque locations, they provide much-needed escapism on cold winter nights.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to step inside one of these Christmas film locations for yourself, experts have calculated the cost per night for a range of iconic film houses.

Using internal property data, holiday rental marketplace Snaptrip has revealed how much you’d fork out if you wanted to stay in your favourite. They took into account location, size and facilities to calculate the figures.

The most expensive festive holiday home would be Amanda Wood’s mansion in San Marino, California. They worked out it would cost a whopping £1,570 a night if you wanted to stay there.

Which makes sense, considering how glamorous it is! Snaptrip revealed it has nine bedrooms, five bathrooms and over 10,300 square feet of living space, as well as a large swimming pool. Not bad for a festive break, eh?

If you’re more of an Elf fan, The Hobbs’ family apartment in New York would cost you £1,100 a night.

It’s got a private doorman, as well as a study and spacious kitchen and dining room. That’s one way to see the Big Apple in style!

Perhaps one of cinema’s most iconic homes is Kevin McAllister’s family home in Home Alone, which is situated in Illinois. It would cost you £1,065 a night if you wanted to stay there. Let’s just hope the booby traps aren’t included...

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Another Illinois property, Susan Walker’s house in Miracle on 34th Street, comes in slightly cheaper at £985 a night.

Finally, if Amanda Wood’s mansion is way out of your price range, Graham Simpkin’s home The Mill House in Surrey is more affordable at £870 a night. You wouldn’t need to jet off either!

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of, said, “It’s common for films to feature amazing properties, that often either leave adults stumped as to how on earth these characters afford such a home or curious as to how much it would cost to stay there. So, we thought with our expertise and knowledge, and Christmas around the corner, it would be fun to find out how much a night’s stay would be in some of the most iconic Christmas film homes!

“Unsurprisingly the L.A mansion from The Holiday tops the list, with its premium location and luxurious amenities, you really would be paying big bucks to let this property. Some might be surprised that a four-bedroom villa in France costs just £10 more than a two-bedroom cottage in Surrey, but as ever, location is often what makes a property expensive.”

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