Carol Vorderman rocks skin-tight Karen Millen catsuit to discuss juggling her five lovers

Carol Vorderman wore a skin-tight catsuit while appearing on This Morning to discuss her unorthodox romantic life

Carol Vorderman wore a skin-tight catsuit while appearing on This Morning to discuss her unorthodox romantic life
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While appearing on This Morning Carol Vorderman wore a skin-tight catsuit and discussed her unorthodox dating life with five 'special friends.' 

The former Countdown star opened up to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield when she discussed her relationships with five different men who she called her 'special friends'. 

While on the show, Carol highlighted her hourglass curves as she wore a bodycon full-length catsuit from Karen Millen. The figure-hugging look is actually on sale at the moment and is currently priced at £90, rather than £129.

Bandage Knit Catsuit, was £129, now £90 | Karen Millen

Bandage Knit Catsuit, was £129, now £90 | Karen Millen

This jumpsuit is part of Karen Millen's Ready for the Future range and is made with recycled polyester. The fabric is bandage style with long sleeves and a figure-forming fit. 

While appearing on This Morning, Carol opened up about her choice to be single at 62, and instead of having one partner, she has five 'special friends' with whom she has different romantic relationships.

She explained that as she got older, her goals about romance changed. "When I was in my 20s I wanted to find somebody, get married, and have children. From my 50s, I live with my children now, they're grown-ups, it's a busy house, I have a life which is very full and a very happy life."

"Society's rules were very different to how they are now," said Carol. "If a woman wasn't married and had a child that child was called something very bad, there was a lot of shame involved."

"On my eighteenth birthday, my mother sat me down, I was already at Cambridge aged seventeen, first one from a state school, free school meals, from my area to get to Cambridge, nevertheless 'It's about time you settled down and got married,' so you'd never think of doing that to your children, society has changed and in 10 years time this won't even be a topic of conversation," she said.

She concluded that she can just have the 'nice bits' by having to live with another man. "I think age 50 plus you have to think do you want another man to live with you or do you want the nice bits."  

Carol Vorderman

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She added that she has come into a polyamorous phase of her life in quite a 'natural' way. "I think it's come about sort of naturally, I don't want to settle with anybody," She added, "I love my friends, I love my job, the business of education, I have people who love me, I have this busy home, male and female relationships are sort of the icing on the cake, rather than the fundamental basis."

She then explained that she gravitates to other people who want to remain single. "Other people who don't want one partner, everyone's single by the way - that's a critical part of it." She explained that although she doesn't have one-night stands, she wouldn't judge her partners for choosing that as 'that's their choice'. Carol also explained that her golden rule is "do no harm."

The star explained that all of her five lovers know about one another, but they don't need to know the ins and outs. "They do know about each other now," said Carol as she added, "of course, they have their lives as well and I never ask about that. It's a freedom."

Carol Vorderman and daughter Katie King pose on the red carpet

Carol Vorderman and daughter Katie King 

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Explaining why she is opening up about this subject again after mentioning her romantic life in October 2022, Carol said, "I kind of talked about it off the cuff, because we were talking about mature dating on the phone-in."

"The reaction was almost universally positive, there are a lot of women particularly, in their 50s and 60s, and their daughters, ringing in and saying 'this is a liberation for me,'" said Carol. She admitted that she didn't see it as a brave move to be so open, but has since realized that opening up about her life can show others that they need not feel lonely if they are single in adulthood, and should instead feel that they have options to explore whatever kind of relationship they want.

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