Andy Murray (and all men) displaying raw emotion – good or bad?…Today’s Debate

So, alas, Andy Murray couldn’t quite seize victory at Wimbledon yesterday and, yet again, Roger Federer snatched the ultimate prize in tennis. Our nation’s dream of the Wimbledon men’s grand slam title going to a home-grown player in Jubilee year just wasn’t to be.

But Murray may have just succeeded in winning a lot more popularity than hitherto by displaying so openly his crushing disappointment when speaking on court after the match.

His voice cracked and his eyes filled with tears as he congratulated his opponent and shared his own regret and, as he did so, the regret of those in the crowd (and watching at home), who also felt an empathetic lump in the throat and a welling up of emotion.

Now, the cynics out there might have a point were they to mention the fact that winning almost £575,000 prize money is pretty handsome compensation for coming second – and tears should really be saved for genuine tragedies rather than sporting defeats.

But we can’t help feeling that it’s refreshing to see a man openly displaying his emotions. All too often, our men keep everything bottled up inside and a bit more wearing their hearts on their sleeves would be a really good thing.

Wouldn’t it make life easier to know what your husbands/partners/sons were thinking if they just came out with it and didn’t keep a stiff upper lip so firmly in place all the time? Just imagine that – how much easier communication would be!

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Apester Lazyload