What happened to TJ in Manifest?

The fourth and final season of Manifest has left fans with some questions

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Manifest is one of several shows that Netflix has revived in recent years, after it was axed by its original broadcaster and found a whole new audience. 

The first three seasons were released on NBC, before the show was cancelled and later picked up again by Netflix for one final, supercharged, 20-episode season. 

The sci-fi series captured viewers attention with it’s incredible pilot episode back in 2021, when a plane containing 100 people lands after some turbulence, only to discover that their plane has been missing for five years since it took off.

The next few seasons unravelled this supernatural mystery and introduced the "death dates" on which the passengers tried to escape. It's perfect for fans of series like Amazon's adaptation of Naomi Alderton's best-selling novel, The Power

In season 2, Garrett Wareing joined the ensemble as TJ Morrison who had his own unique near-miss journey on the show, as the college student tried to work out what happened to Flight 828. But with so many storylines to follow, fans were left with questions about what happened to TJ.

Did TJ die in Manifest?

If you were confused about TJ’s whereabouts for season 2 and 3 of Manifest, you aren’t the only one. In season 2, TJ had a near death experience and many viewers thought it was the end of the road for this character. 

In episode 7, the passengers of flight 828 are invited to a special event and a fire breaks out, which is revealed to have been started by Isaiah. In the commotion, TJ is trapped with Isaiah and separated from the rest of his friends including his love interest Olive. When they went to identify the body, they found one that had the bracelet that Olive gave to TJ and everyone assumed that TJ was dead. 

However, in a twist of fates, it’s uncovered that this body was actually Isaiah’s as he took the bracelet from TJ. Thankfully, TJ was then found underneath a nightclub and fans assumed he would return in season 3… but he didn’t make an appearance.  

TJ and Olive in Netflix's Manifest

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What happened to TJ in Manifest?

Towards the end of season 2, TJ jetted off to Egypt to conduct his own research about the mysterious flight in the hopes that he could try and reverse the "death dates". It was unclear whether TJ would ever return, as he didn’t come back for the third season and could have easily been written out of the show after his long absence. 

However, TJ did return for season 4 after his long investigation trip. He reappeared in episode 8, much to fans delight, as Netflix has confirmed that season 4 will be the last instalment of the show. 

Stream season 1, 2 and 4 of Manifest on Netflix now. 

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