Alan Partridge joins Coldplay for a surprise rendition of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill - and fans are delighted

Alan Partridge stormed the stage in a bizarre guest appearance during Coldplay's Wembley performance

Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge signs copies of his latest book, I, Patridge: We Need to Talk About Alan at Selfridges on November 24, 2011 in Manchester, England
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Coldplay fans were left mystified last night when Steve Coogan, in role as Alan Partridge, joined the band on stage for a duet to Running Up That Hill. 

Last night, crowds gathered at Wembley for a sold-out performance from the band. 

But fans of the band were surprised - and delighted - to see  familiar face on stage when Steve Coogan, widely recognized as TV personality Alan Partridge, came on stage to perform with the band. 

First they performed the song of the moment, Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, which has enjoyed a revival due to its appearance on Netflix's latest series of Stranger Things. The unlikely pairing then went on to sing ABBA's Knowing Me Knowing You to top off the performance. 

Staying in character, Alan took the lead on vocal, with Coldplay front man Chris Martin on backing vocals. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their disbelief, with one writing, "Haha not what I expected... running up that hill. Alan partridge style with coldplay."

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Some fans enjoyed the appearance, writing "class that" in response to the video.

Another fan said, "‘Coldplay bringing out ALAN PARTRIDGE to perform Knowing Me Knowing You with them is the most chaotic moment of my life. Feel like I’m having a fever dream."

But other fans were less than impressed, calling the duet "awkward".

"Loved Coldplay tonight. Alan partridge…awkward and seemingly unrehearsed and a little buttock clenching," wrote one of the attendees to the event.

While another said, "It was awkward, embarrassing and so out of place. Chris Martin didn’t even look like he wanted Coogan there." Ouch!

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Another Coldplay fan speculated what Kate Bush herself would think of the strange turn of events, writing, "I wonder if Kate bush knows that Coldplay and Alan partridge are now singing her song Running Up That Hill together at Wembley?!!"

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It's not the first time that Coldplay have brought on a surprise guest this tour. Coldplay surprised fans at their Music of the Spheres tour with a special appearance from Craig David.

Tonight marks Coldplay's final night at Wembley - watch this space for which special guest is next!

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