Adele teases career change as she reveals she is in contact with big director

Adele alarmed some fans while chatting with an audience at one of her shows in the US as she teased a potential career change

Adele teased a career change
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Adele teased a career change while performing in the US as the singer suggested that she might be trading the microphone for the silver screen.

Just a few days after the release of Adele's new music video, 'I Drink Wine', it has been revealed that the singer may have some exciting plans on the horizon. 

While on tour in the US, the singer revealed that she might consider putting down the microphone. Adele revealed she's taking a break from music for a very studious reason as she spoke about possibly going to university for an English Literature degree. 

The singer also admitted that she may be considering a change of career as she revealed that she has even been in contact with a Hollywood director.


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According to The Times, Adele said to her audience during a performance, "I’d love to act; I know what movie I want to do. I often get asked to do things that are music related, which I think is too obvious for me to do. I think I would nail it — not that I’ve ever acted."

The star revealed that she has even already approached Baz Luhrmann, the director of Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby, after she watched his biopic Elvis. Previously the director has hinted at his retirement, which encouraged Adele to message him and request that he kept working so that she could still have a chance to star in one of his fantastic films.

"I sent him [Baz Luhrmann] a text saying, ‘I wish I was in this movie, please don’t retire, let me do something’. So maybe that kind of music thing, but I wouldn’t sing in it. I would act, but only one movie. I’d come, do one movie, nail it, and f*** off," said Adele.

So perhaps it would be more of a one-and-done situation for the star, but with many singers balancing singing careers with acting gigs who knows! 


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If you are looking to see Adele perform live, Adele's Las Vegas Residency - which was previously rescheduled - will now run from November 18, 2022, through March 25, 2023. Fans who have tickets for the original show dates will be able to reschedule their tickets and a number of additional tickets will also be available.

Adele is expected to make this insane amount per show during her Vegas residency. Adele's Vegas residency will take place at Ceasars Palace, and is set to be a huge moneymaker for the singer who allegedly will be making $679,500 (£500,000) per show. As the star will be performing twice a weekend for 12 weeks, this means that Adele is set to make $16,320,300.00 (£12,000,000) in total for her residency.

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