Modern Family joins TikTok and we are completely obsessed

Jesse Tyler Ferguson debuted his new account on TikTok and is an icon already

Modern Family
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Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson has joined TikTok and is already creating hilarious content about his life that fans are loving.  

Jesse Tyler Ferguson proved his comic genius in his role as Mitch in ‘Modern Family’. But now the star has taken to social media to show that he doesn’t need a script to produce some quality content. 

On Sunday, February 7, the star debuted his new TikTok account and already he has hundreds of thousands of views and various videos that are brimming with hilarious content. 

In his first video, Jesse is asked to make a TikTok and he accurately sums up every TikTok newcomer's experience by stating, “I don’t know what that means.” One fan commented, “this is so iconic already, OBSESSED.”

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In a short space of time, Jesse has grasped the function of the app and has posted some great videos under the name ‘@mitchfrommodernfamily’

Jesse shared an adorable post of him entertaining his seven-month-old son, Beckett, with a singing chef puppet.

Baby Beckett lay in a crib while his father entertained him with a singing puppet that crooned 'That's Amore.' This video, which was comically captioned, "24 hours in a day is a lot of time to fill, folks," gained nearly 300,000 views and thousands of likes. 


24 hours a day is a lot of time to fill, folks.

♬ original sound - Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse has also posted some witty content that harks back to his modern family comedy roots. In a recent video, he compared himself to Vincent Van Gogh and comically stated “Yeah my ear is fine, thanks!” 

But fans were more interested in how similar Jesse was to his 'Modern Family' character than he was to Van Gogh. One fan commented, “He is literally Mitch like he didn’t even have to act to play him.” Another said, “He is so Mitch that I forgot that he’s actually Jesse.”

In another video, he showed himself attempting to sit on a completely collapsed bench. He announces, “Oop I think this chair is broken actually, yeah this chair is broken.”


I think it’s broken

♬ original sound - Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s arrival on TikTok comes just a few days after his on-screen daughter, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily in ‘Modern Family’ joined the app and shocked fans. 

Aubrey’s arrival on the app surprised fans as many still pictured her as the young girl in the show, rather than the teenager that she is now. The actor looked great as she took part in a TikTok trend and instantly went viral as fans were astonished to find her on the app. 

Hopefully, Jesse and Aubrey’s arrival on TikTok will encourage more members of the cast to join and grace us with their comedy skills once again!


I love billy Joel’s music lol ##fyp ##foryou ##modernfamily

♬ Zanzibar - Billy Joel
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