Melissa McCarthy reveals how she got 'burnt' by an unusual spa treatment

The actress is currently starring in Nine Perfect Strangers—a series about a luxury spa retreat

Melissa Mccarthy
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We've all had beauty mishaps, whether we've dyed our hair the wrong colour, or gone a little over the top with our make-up—but bad spa treatments can leave us feeling a little bit delicate.

Melissa McCarthy, star of the new Amazon series Nine Perfect Strangers, which tells the story of a health and wellness resort which promises to transform and heal the guests who stay there, shared her own dodgy spa treatment, which left her burning.

Talking to US OK magazine the Bridesmaid star said she could feel her body 'burning' when she opted for an unusual spa treatment where she bathed in water and grapefruit juice.

She explained to OK magazine, "I once went to the spa and put some extract such as grapefruit in this tub and it was literally on fire."

While the Spy Actress went on to joke, “I’m not very graceful, but I’m trying to get out of the bath with some humility. The person just stands there.’Oh, it stabs hard.'” I said, “Well, that. “Let’s wash it off,” she said, “it will continue to burn for quite some time.” And I’m done. “

Melissa plays Frances Welty, in the TV show, a novelist struggling with her career and also her love life. Nicole Kidman plays the retreat's host in the series, which has been adapted from Liane Moriarty's novel of the same name.

In the same interview, Nicole also shared her worst spa experience, revealing, “I did that with my boyfriend when you were lying in the saltwater of the tank. I had to go in and stay there for two hours in the freezing cold."

“Everyone felt like ’wow’, but I didn’t like it. It was torture that I couldn’t even hit.”

In March, when Melissa was filming the TV mini-series she shared an update of her recovery from nasty bug bites in Australia, after formerly declaring her fondness for the country’s deadly creatures. 

The comedian took to Instagram to reveal her wounded body in a series of hilarious videos—and to retract her previous compliments on the country's exotic insects. 

“I’m itchy!” a bedbound Melissa cries in one clip. “It’s reached my face!” Wrapped in bandages and towels, the Mike & Molly star looked far from pleased as she waited for the stinging discomfort to subside.

The actress is also set to star in a Netflix film next month—the new drama-comedy film, The Starling, will land in September. Packed with emotion as well as humor, Hollywood icon Melissa McCarthy stars in this tale of grief and love. 

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