Is your favorite company supporting International Women’s Day?

Find out which companies are supporting International Women’s Day

International Women's Day
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On the 8th March, people across the world are celebrating International Women’s Day. Here is how some major companies are supporting the cause and celebrating women today. 


Ikea has teamed up with singer Zara Larsson and created a card game to help share the workload at home. The card game is called FiftyFifty and aims to promote equality.

Ikea states, “If more homes were more equal, the world would be more equal. So grab your partner and FiftyFifty, the card game for everyday equality.”


Interflora has used their colorful bouquets to highlight gender gaps in society. 

One of the campaign slogans states, “Apparently business is none of women’s business. Only 1 in 20 CEOs in the UK is a woman.”

Another campaign states, "Who run the world? Not girls. Well, not officially at least. Only 6.1% of current world leaders are women."

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Spotify has launched a campaign called Spotify Equal. This will support women creators and help foster equality on their platform. 

Spotify stated, “For International Women’s Day, Spotify is encouraging users to flex their power to listen and discover more women creators, today and every day.”


Apple has launched a new campaign called ‘She creates.’ The brand states, “In celebration of International Women’s Day, from March 1 through 31 discover how female creativity can empower communities. Join hands-on sessions using iPad, iPhone, and Mac to connect, share ideas, and explore new perspectives that can spark change.” 

The brand also posted a video of influential women using their products with a message about ambition.


Samsung has celebrated International Women’s Day by releasing a video that promotes allyship between women. 

The company states, “To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked female employees at Samsung to share their stories of Allyship, Mutual Respect and Passion, and invited talented female artists to illustrate their experiences in a series of empowering artworks.”


TikTok has launched a campaign called ‘#WeAreHere’ that promotes female content creators. 

The brand states, “TikTok celebrates the women bringing creativity and diversity to music as it marks International Women's Day 2021.”

North Face

The clothing brand North Face has launched a campaign that supports women who are pushing boundaries, shattering ceilings and records.

The company states, “One officially sanctioned day isn’t enough time to praise your badassery. Because one day, the girls you inspire will be breaking records, taking on FKTs and climbing new routes. Happy International Women's Day.”

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