Why sales of this £1 Marks and Spencer cleaning sponge have increased by 100%

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Marks and Spencer is perhaps not your go-to for cleaning products, but their cleaning range is experiencing a huge surge in popularity and fans are going wild for a £1 cleaning sponge.

After featuring in an Instagram video posted by cleaning fanatic Sophie Hinchliffe, sales of the Marks and Spencer cleaning sponge have increased by 100%.

The cleaning sponge is described as absorbent and is double-sided with a non-scratch finish suitable for non-stick surfaces.

The sponge, which Sophie has nicknamed the 'markeh', sounds ideal for those tricky pans that are a nightmare to clean.

The sponge has received rave reviews. One person labeled it ‘king of the sponges’.

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The affordable cleaning product has become a huge hit on social media with one person describing the sponge as ‘gold dust’, while another said ‘I think this has to be my favourite sponge, it’s great cos you can use it on non stick pans too!! I buy them for all my friends & family to try'.

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Sophie, often referred to as Mrs Hinch, has gathered a huge fan base and now has a staggering 1.8 million followers on her Instagram page.

The 28-year-old from Essex quickly became an internet sensation after sharing her top tips for cleaning along with her favourite products and it seems stores like Marks and Spencer are seeing the benefits!

The popular high street retailer has also seen an increase in sales with their other cleaning products. Their entire cleaning product range has had a 45% uplift in sales in the past two weeks.

Other products such as their floral burst multi-purpose cleaner can be bought for as little as 90p. What a bargain!

The sponge is available to buy in store and online.

The £1 sponge is proving so popular it is appearing on other websites such as Ebay for five times the price.

So next time you are popping into Marks and Spencer for your grocery shop, or your next pair of jeans, perhaps you should take a wander down the cleaning aisle.