Dakota Johnson moves into $12.5 million home with Chris Martin

Dakota Johnson moved in with her Coldplay frontman boyfriend, Chris Martin

Dakota Johnson
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Dakota Johnson has just moved into a multi-million dollar dream home with her boyfriend, Chris Martin. This new house must be exceptional for her to want to leave the iconic house the internet fell in love with during her Architectural Digest tour. 

Dakota Johnson bought a home with her long-term boyfriend Chris Martin, the singer of Coldplay. The two have reportedly been dating since 2017 and have decided to settle down in Malibu together.

The new home is a "Cape Cod-style estate spans a grand 5,338 square feet," According to the New York Post. It has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms and boasts a game room, pool, and spa.

This news is shocking to many fans who can't believe that Dakota Johnson would move out of the beautiful home that everyone coveted after seeing a video tour of it courtesy of Architectural Digest last year. 

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In this interview from March 2020, with over 15 million views, Dakota set some cultural trends into motion. 

First, her take on colorful kitchens was a design game changer. Suddenly monochrome minimalist kitchens were out, and everyone wanted the colorful decor and that mid-century modern design. 

Dakota’s kitchen became a trend all over TikTok. Fans are devastated that the Dakota no longer owns her incredible kitchen. 

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Dakota also set off a fruit trend, if you can believe it. In the interview, she revealed that she showcased her limes in a large bowl. She stated, "I love limes, I love them, they're great, I love them so much and I like to present them like this in my house."

Fans found this adoration inspiring and began to decorate their homes with limes and even include them in their food and drinks. 

But there's a twist! Dakota Johnson recently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she is allergic to limes and does not have an affinity for the citrus fruit.

The home designer included the limes as part of the set dressing. She found the statement bowl of fruit too hard to ignore, so she fabricated a love of the fruit during the interview.

She revealed to the late-night host, "I actually didn't even know that they were in there."

This revelation gobsmacks fans, and one took to Tik Tok and wrote, "WHO ELSE FEELS BETRAYED I literally drink lime water."


WHO ELSE FEELS BETRAYED I literally drink lime water #limes #dakotajohnson #dakotajohnsonskitchen #architecturaldigest #fyp #sos

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Despite this shocking revelation, the internet is excited to receive another Architectural Digest home tour from Dakota Johnson once she has settled into her new place with Chris Martin. 

Architectural Digest tweeted, “Who are you itching to see a home tour of next? Let us know!” Already the site has been inundated with fans begging for a new tour with Dakota Johnson. And honestly, we understand why — Dakota, share your style with us!

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