10 Good Holiday Reads

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  • Lose yourself in a great book by the pool with our good holiday reads...

    Looking for a good holiday read? Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing with a good book by the pool and immersing yourself in an engrossing story.

    Picking up a good holiday read and lying back on the beach for hours – and without the call of your email inbox – is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Our top tip? If you’re trying to kill time at the airport, browse the bookshops there to save on packing space and pick up an airport book exclusive.

    Not sure which read will have you gripped from the plane to the pool? Who better to consult when you’re packing your holiday reading than our very own Books Editor, Fanny Blake – she is never without a book in hand!

    Fanny says: ‘What do I look for in a holiday read? Because I read a lot for work, I tend to save up the longer novels that I don’t really have the time to really get my teeth into. If I’m going abroad, I may choose books that are set in the place that I’m going to: being there definitely adds another dimension to them and deepens one’s understanding of a country. I also like a good crime novel or a psychological thriller that’s gripping but not too demanding so my mind’s taken off a plane or train journey where there are plenty of distractions.’

    ‘Over the years, I’ve read so many’, Fanny says. ‘But I think these are the standouts for me…’

    Don’t jet off without clicking through Fanny’s good holiday reads…

    Fanny’s novel With a Friend Like You is out in paperback on August 13th.