Yankee Candle unveils scent of the year and it will make your house smell like an island vacation

Yankee Candle has unveiled their scent of the year for 2021 and it’s one you’re going to want to keep burning all summer

Yankee candle scent of the year 2021 discovery
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Yankee Candle has unveiled their scent of the year for 2021 and it’s one you’re going to want to keep burning all summer.

The brand is one that is loved the world over, with every Yankee Candle fan having a favorite signature scent (or ten) that they swear by.

And we’re guessing the newest candle offering may just be ready to join everybody’s list of best scented candles.

Yankee Candle has unveiled Discovery as their 2021 scent of the year - and with its tropical island paradise scent its definitely set to join the best of new beauty releases.

Blending fruity top notes of guava nectar, tangelo, orange, red ginger, peach, with a spicy heart of cardamom, starfruit, passionfruit, cassis and mango and warmer base notes of vanilla spice, saffron, malt, tonka, this is a scent packed full of vacation flavors and earthy fruits and spices.

Revealing the premise behind the scent, the brand explains, “At the heart of Discovery is the warmth of ginger, an ingredient that transcends individual cultures to symbolise the common ground we all share worldwide community. Combined with the tartness of starfruit, the creaminess of mango and the warmth of vanilla spice. Discovery is a symphony that reflects the ways we want to live our lives: blooming with curiosity, creativity and spirit.”

Yankee candle scent of the year 2021 discovery

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

They also picked out a few standout notes from the scent-packed candle, highlighting red ginger as the heart of the scent for its fresh zestiness that is “both recognisably comforting and surprisingly bold at the same time.”

Fragrant starfruit was used to “bring forth a distinguished fruity, floral element that unfurls smoothly and elegantly. Its intoxicating aroma lures you in to experience a little slice of paradise.”

Then comes “refreshingly sweet” mango, “with hints of fragrant tropical tracks that cajole you into wanting to explore and experience more” and sweet passionfruit that “strikes a perfect balance of floral and fruity.”

And then of course there’s vanilla spice, which the brand says “serves as the infallible foundation, as it rounds out each and every other ingredient in the magical medley it calls home.”

If you've found yourself obsessed with the recent body candles craze, we have to admit this one isn't going to tick all your boxes as it is housed in a glass jar with no nude silhouettes in sight. But for a jar candle it is supremely aesthetically pleasing with its Moroccan-inspired design that will add a colorful touch to any house - especially if you've had a spring clean to declutter your home.

This is the third scent of the year that the brand has developed, after kicking off with their One Together scent in 2019 and launching Awaken last year in 2020.

Discovery will be officially launching on Sunday 21st March to mark International Fragrance Day - so mark your calendars!

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