These are 4 reasons why treating yourself to a robot vacuum makes total sense

Upgrade your cleaning routine by swapping your regular tools for a “smarter” alternative from Roborock

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra
(Image credit: Roborock)

There are few household tasks less enticing than clearing up mess from the floor—be that fluff from your beloved cat that has embedded itself into the carpet, or mud from the soccer boots of your teenager (who should really know better!) that has now dried into a stain that won’t budge. 

Before you fetch your usual bulky vacuum or sad-looking mop—and spend precious time out of your evening trying to get your home sparkling again—a robot vacuum cleaner could be the simple solution. While investing in smart tech to keep your home pristine might seem indulgent, it is the future—by the year 2025, one out of every three homes will have a smart cleaning device.

If money is on your mind, one of the best value creators of ‘robovacs’ is Roborock. Their latest time-saving devices have been developed by the award winning designers and engineers at Roborock to combine both optimum function and stylish design. In fact, the “intelligent” machine incorporates both a vacuum and mop, and can detect when to use each on which type of flooring—so you can sit back, relax and barely lift a finger as all the hard work is done for you. 

Still unsure? Here are four key reasons why you’ll never look back if you make the move…

Saves you time

The first step is to get Roborock’s device set up via an app—super simple, even for the most tech-averse—before allowing it to get to know all the twists and turns of your space. For future cleans, it “just knows” where to go and you can have peace of mind that it will simply get on with the task while you become engrossed in a book or box-set. According to a glowing Forbes review, the device cleaned their entire house without issue—including, unlike other similar products, finding itself stuck or flipped upside down—and correctly identified in which exact spots or needed to mop or vacuum. What’s more, having mapped out your floor space, it knows how much it needs to recharge and spruce itself up as it goes along to get the job done as soon as possible.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

(Image credit: Roborock)

Minimizes the effort

Making life easier in whichever way possible was at the forefront of Roborock’s mind with their new S7 MaxV Ultra. This means that, as well as cleaning your floors, the device freshens itself up afterward so that it’s ready for next time—all in one handy station. “We don’t just want a dock that can empty nor one that just washes the mop, we want our customers to have the best of both worlds,” explains Nicole Han, product marketing lead at Roborock, about their latest offering. “At the end of the day, that’s the whole point of having a robot vacuum—not needing to do more than you absolutely need to.” Fun fact: the machine can collect up to eight weeks of dust and debris before you even need to get your hands dirty.

Boosts your results

As well as being able to strike ‘clean the floors’ from your weekly to-do list, Roborock’s device has been built to be more effective than your usual vacuum and mop at getting surfaces spotless. Whatever it is faced with, it will work its magic—be that fluffy carpet or wooden floorboards—and its high-tech camera system allows it to operate even in the dark (to save on those energy bills!). What’s more, no dirt is too much of a challenge, thanks to a powerful suction system. In fact, the clever device can identify even the smallest amounts of grime, as well as work to improve the appearance and smell of flooring so it lasts longer in a rather thoughtful move.

Enhances the vibe

Most cleaning tools are hidden in cupboards or tucked behind doors, but Roborock’s sleek machine has been designed to be the pride of place as it gets to work on cleaning your space. It bears a cool, futuristic design that won’t look at odds among the most elegant of interiors as it glides across the carefully chosen shades and styles of your flooring. After it has worked its magic, it’s then compact and easy to store until next time. Now, that’s smart indeed.