The UK's favourite scented candle has been revealed - is yours on the list?

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The UK's favourite scented candle has been revealed as more of us look at ways of making our homes even cosier than before.

Lockdown has made us all look at our homes differently, with many of us spending time both working and relaxing at home it's even more important to create that sanctuary of rest to calm the mind.

And aside from cosying up in front of the fire, under a snuggly blanket, there's nothing quite like the feeling of lighting one of the best scented candles and as we head into Spring, the UK's favourite scented candle fragrance has been revealed. 

Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, co-owner at home décor brand and retailer Dowsing & Reynolds said, "The increase in the cosy living trend reflects our current mindsets; in difficult times, we seek comfort. We’re now exploring sensory ways to create an element of comfort in our homes; it’s not just mood lighting and blankets."

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Ally explained, “Our research shows that three of the top five most-searched scents reflect our desire for comfort, but also the feeling of a relaxing holiday in a sunnier climate. Coconut has high-interest levels and is the ultimate holiday scent. And if you’ve ever taken in the stunning citrus groves of a quaint Mediterranean island, the next most-searched scent, ‘orange’, will take you back there instantly."

Meanwhile, Yankee Candle launched its 2021 scent of the year, Discovery, described as a "scent passport". 

"We’re not surprised to see that Yankee Candle has noticed this yearning for a summer holiday too...Citrus fruits have been incorporated to transport us to Caribbean islands and tropical jungles, while a hint of vanilla grounds and comforts us,” Ally added.

UK's Top 5 favourite scented candles

1. Lavender (3,600 monthly searches)

2. Vanilla (2,400)

3. Gingerbread  / Orange (1,900)

4.Coconut / Sandalwood (1,600)

5. Cinnamon (1,300)

UK's favourite scented candles outside the Top 5 but within the Top 10...

  • Coffee / Rose [joint 6th]
  • Eucalyptus [7th]
  • Baby powder/lemon [joint 8th]
  • Amber [9th]
  • Jasmine [10th]

The UK's 5 least favourite scented candles:

  1. Water Lily / Matcha - however, Matcha has seen a 300% search increase in the last twelve months. 
  2. Grass/ Chai Latte
  3. Spiced rum
  4. Olive
  5. Blackberry
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