Staub Black 24cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte review

Is the Staub Black 24cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte built to last?

Staub Black 24cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte
(Image credit: Staub)
Woman & Home Verdict

We love the sleek design of the Staub Cocotte and that it performs well for both browning and stewing. This is the pan for anyone looking for the best of the best in kitchenware.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Built to last

  • +

    Handmade and unique

  • +

    Lifetime guarantee

  • +

    Innovative spiked lid design for moisture retention

  • +

    Classic design in a range of colours

Reasons to avoid
  • -


  • -


  • -

    Limited non-stick properties

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Want to buy the Staub Black 24cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte? Then you've come to the right place. The Cocotte is the French brand’s version of a Dutch oven and is perfect for all kinds of stovetops – particularly handy if you’re looking for the best induction pans to use on the best portable induction hobs.

Most cooks would agree that every kitchen needs a quality cast-iron pan for making things like slow-cooked stews or baking a sourdough loaf. Staub pans are highly regarded by both accomplished homecooks and industry professionals, being used by some of the world’s top chefs in their own kitchens. 


Staub pans are unequivocally punchy when it comes to price. This 23cm version typically comes in around £239 and there are rarely sales running or deals to be had on the classic models. 

On Staub’s own website, there is occasionally a new-customer offer for around 15% off, which is worth taking advantage of if you’re going to buy a set of their pans. Availability-wise, Staub seems to be consistently in stock at lots of big-name retailers like John Lewis, Amazon and Wayfair. 


Across our functionality category, the Staub Cocotte scored really well. We loved that you could sear and brown things like meat for a casserole effectively despite the high sides – thanks to excellent heat conduction from the base – and then go on to slow cook it using minimal heat for fantastically low energy consumption. 

While cast iron is effective at heat conduction and maintaining its temperature, it will also keep things cold if chilled, which we had never experimented with before. This handy hack means the Staub Cocotte can be popped in the fridge with a dessert or gazpacho and then taken straight to the table to keep everything fresh before serving. 

One of Staub’s most unique selling points is its spiked lid, which encourages moisture to condense and then fall back on to the food, helping to avoid dryness when cooking things over a long period of time. We found this to be true when we made a chicken casserole – even after hours of cooking, the meat was soft and tender. 

We also liked that the lid was flat for stacking with other Staub pans. One downside is that because Staub’s cast iron Cocotte retains heat so well, it can mean that temperature control is a little tricky if you take things too high, which can result in burning on the bottom and difficulty in cleaning. Using a dishwasher is OK in moderation, but Staub advises against using abrasive cleaning products, so if you’d like to keep your pan in the best possible condition, we’d suggest hand-washing it – potentially be a negative point for some cooks. 


Because cast-iron pieces are made in a single mould, they are incredibly durable and last for years without the risk of handles shearing off as can happen with stainless steel riveted pans. However, it’s not advisable to use harsh chemicals or anything abrasive like wire wool on the inside of your pan, as that could scratch the surface and make it uneven and more prone to sticking. 


(Image credit: Staub)


We love that Staub has a signature look with their flat-topped pans, giving them a clean, contemporary edge, plus the range comes in all kinds of colours. 


Each Staub pan is cast in its own individual sand mould, so you know you’re getting an entirely unique piece. The main body is made from enamelled cast iron, while the lid features a brushed brass knob. 


Staub pans have a limited lifetime warranty, while John Lewis only guarantees them for 30 years, but we’re pretty sure these pans are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. 

Oven safe?

Staub pans are made for the oven and can withstand temperatures up to 250ºC, including the lid. 

Dishwasher safe?

Although you can technically wash cast iron in a dishwasher, it’s really not advised if you want to get the best from your pieces, as over time it can begin to damage the finish. We suggest hand washing with warm water and soap instead. If you have stuck-on food, you can soak overnight or even use a little baking soda in warm water to loosen things up. 

Staub Black 24cm Round Cast Iron Cocotte – our verdict

It’s safe to say we’re sold on Staub pans as heritage pieces we’d treat ourselves to, knowing they would give us years of enjoyment. While the Cocotte pan is heavy, therefore somewhat cumbersome to use, its main function as a slow cooker means you shouldn’t have to do too much moving once your recipe is in the oven or simmering away on the hob. 

The range of colours the Staub Cocotte comes in is a bonus, as is their versatility – you can even use this beauty on your barbecue.

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