Otty mattress review: Is the Original Hybrid still one of the best?

For our Otty mattress review, we tested the Original Hybrid, which we found offered excellent support with its mix of spring and foam fillings

Otty Original Hybrid mattress pictured on a wooden bed frame in a modern grey bedroom as part of the Otty mattress review
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Woman & Home Verdict

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses we have tested, and offers really impressive support, comfort and temperature regulation. It has fewer layers than some new-breed luxury hybrids on the market, but this doesn’t detract from its ability to provide a really decent night’s sleep. It is also firmer than some hybrids we’ve tested, but not excessively so.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quality springs for great support

  • +

    Full surface comfort

  • +

    Great temperature regulation

  • +

    Washable cover

  • +

    Wide selection of sizes

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    No handles

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Our expert homes reviewer Linda Clayton conducted an Otty mattress review of the brand's Original Hybrid, to test whether the product, which is a bestseller, is still one of the best mattresses around. 

Otty Sleep launched in 2016 into a very fast-growing mattress-in-a-box market, and they now offer four mattress designs, alongside bedding, toppers and bed frames. As the name suggests, the Original Hybrid was the very first—so how does it stack up within the market six years after its release?

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress is unique in that is heavily spring-loaded, containing 64% springs in a generous 16cm-tall format, compared to the small, coil-like springs typically found in other hybrid foam mattresses. We tested the Otty Original Hybrid mattress for seven nights, to check for movement transfer, posture support, heat regulation and overall comfort and support whilst sleeping. Our Otty mattress review and overall score is based on this experience and our verdict when comparing the model to other hybrid mattresses.


As it is 36% foam, we accepted there may be a degree of odor from off-gassing, and upon unboxing the mattress, there certainly was a slight chemical smell. However, it only took a couple of days to subside and was never overpowering. Like most mattress-in-a-box makers, Otty’s foam is CertiPUR and Europur approved too, which means the potential toxicity has been extensively tested, and the mattress is considered perfectly safe, despite the initial odor. 


Like most hybrid mattresses on the market, the Otty Original aims to be a problem-solver. Its aim is to combat the overheating and unresponsiveness issues of a pure memory foam mattress, while introducing better comfort levels than you’d typically get from a traditional sprung mattress. To compare, we’ve also tried the Simba Hybrid mattress, and the hybrid option from Emma, which we liked very much but found both a few degrees squishier than the Otty Original Hybrid. From the get-go, the Otty hybrid felt more robust. Not too firm, just more supportive.

Our first reaction definitely elicited the 'ahhh' that everyone wants when they climb into bed and lay their head on their best pillow and mattress at the end of the day—though it may have helped that our Otty mattress review testing followed a long stint on a fairly lifeless all-foam number. And that’s an important point about mattress testing—your first response is always a reaction to what you’re used to, though your body soon adjusts; hence the reason most manufacturers insist on a decent trial period. The Otty Original Hybrid felt like it was basically made for us (it is made to suit the majority of people). You won’t feel like you sink too deeply, but you won't feel like you're hovering on top either. Our heavier (and bigger all-round) tester, found it slightly softer than he’d usually prefer, but still firmer than the other hybrids we have tested.


● RRP: £599.99-£1,049.99

● Sizes: Single, small double, double, king, super king, EU single, EU double, EU king, Emperor

● Filling: Hybrid (spring/foam)

● Sleeping position: All, but side is best

● Comfort: Medium firm

● Trial period: 100 nights

● Guarantee: 10-year guarantee

When it came to motion transfer, which is about how much movement is shared from one part of the mattress to another, the Otty Original Hybrid also performs well. Movement did register when we were awake, but not enough to disturb our sleep. This is good news if you often get woken by the person (or pet) you share the bed with, and don't want anything to prevent you from falling asleep fast!

We also tested overall support levels, by placing a 56lb (4st) weight onto the mattress to see how much it sank (in cms) across the surface. In the case of the Otty hybrid, the weight sank to just over 7cm deep and that measurement was the same right up to the sides, too, which suggests brilliant support. You can see the mattress has extra-firm support panels on the side, which are designed precisely to make the whole surface usable. In short, you can expect to enjoy the exact same level of support whatever sleeping position across the bed you prefer.

In terms of supporting our pressure points, the Otty Original Hybrid mattress was similarly impressive. We found it outstandingly comfortable when sleeping on our side, suggesting it supports well at the key pressure points of hips and shoulders. Indeed, despite a difference of opinion on softness levels, both sleepers (our tester and her partner) woke up feeling ache-free and refreshed.


Otty Original Hybrid mattress in a gray stylish bedroom, with blankets on top

(Image credit: Otty)

Otty rates the Hybrid as medium-to-firm—giving it seven out of 10 to be precise (with 10 being hardest/most firm) and we found that assessment to be well pitched. 

Our increasingly knowledgeable team of testers (three male, three female, ranging from 10-17st), all suggested firmness ratings at around the seven mark, too. When testing overnight, we found the Otty to be almost just right—it felt supportive enough for our back neck and shoulders, but not so firm that it wasn't comfortable. All-foam mattresses such as the Emma Original mattress, and the Nectar mattress, tend to be much squishier, which might be better for you depending on your preference. So, there you have it, if you want firm but not too firm, the Otty Original Hybrid is your man; or rather, mattress.


For the price of each mattress, you'll get a 100-night trial, 10-year guarantee and free delivery. It's also worth noting the Otty mattress is only available in the UK, so there are only UK prices below.

A price breakdown of the different sizes available:

  • Single (W90 x L190 x H25cm)—£599.99
  • Small Double (W120 x L190 x H25cm)—£749.99
  • Double (W130 x L190 x H25cm)—£799.99
  • King (W150 x L200 x H25cm)—£899.99
  • Super King (W180 x L200 x H25cm)—£999.99

Though these are the RRP's of each mattress, it's well worth keeping an eye on the Otty Sleep website for discounts throughout the year— especially around key times such as summer sales and Black Friday, where there can be up to 45% off. There are also often bundle deals to be had on Otty’s pillows and bedding, if you’re looking to kit out your entire bedroom. 


inside of a hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Otty Sleep)

Given that it's a hybrid mattress, our Otty mattress review found that there were a range of fillings inside. 

On the top, is a soft removable cover that’s washable at 40 degrees, to help you guarantee good sleep hygiene. Then, there's a 3cm-thick layer of Cool Blue Gel memory foam, which has cooling gel and pinholes to keep fresh air circulating. After that, there's a 3cm-thick reflex foam layer, which is all about stability and support. The core of this mattress is filled with 2,000 (in the king-size version) individually pocketed springs. At 16cm tall, they are significantly bigger than some of the other hybrid mattresses we’ve tested. The size and strength of Otty’s springs are more akin to those found in a traditional pocket sprung mattress in fact and this, says Otty, is the secret to its supportiveness. 

The sides of the mattress, around the spring layer, are strengthened by more foam, aerated to help with airflow. Finally, there’s a 5cm-thick high-density foam base, which aims to provide longevity and prevent dips occuring over time.


We needed to dig deep to find fault with this mattress, but one very superfluous issue is the lack of handles to help with the monthly rotation that’s required to ensure longevity (see our guide to how often you should rotate your mattress, depending on its filling)

This is a common issue with bed-in-a-box mattresses—they’re often full of high-tech foam and quality springs, but good old-fashioned handles for easy movement are often forgotten. If handles are essential for you—for example, if you struggle with moving heavy objects—this may not be the mattress for you.


lady on a mattress

(Image credit: Otty Sleep)

The Otty Original Hybrid mattress is great for all sleepers, but we'd say it's best for side-sleepers seeking a non-sweaty night’s sleep, and anyone who has tried full memory foam and decided it was not for them. 

We'd also say that it's a fantastic option for those who want something that's both comfortable and supportive. Often, you'll need to choose which is most important to you in a mattress. But with the Otty hybrid, we'd say there's no real reason to compromise.


Yes, we highly rate the Otty Original Hybrid mattress. It is a great all-rounder that is not too hard, nor too soft and one of the best, if not the best hybrid on the market. For us, one of the biggest bonuses of the Otty was its coolness. It has enough airflow to ensure heat is moved away from the body quickly and efficiently before sleep is disturbed, making it great for those who battle with night sweats and hot flushes. We tested the mattress during summer, when there were some pretty muggy nights, and didn’t suffer from any of the sweatiness we often do when the temperatures outside soar. 


The Otty Original Hybrid has been very well received by mattress shoppers online. Over at TrustPilot, 82% of the 7,670 polled rated Otty Sleep with five stars. Looking at reviews specifically about the Original Hybrid, there’s a lot of love for the mattress's cooling and support. Of those who gave it a bad rap, there is one clear story—the mattress is good, but delivery speeds are not so great. Patience may be required, but we reckon this mattress would be worth the wait for most people.


This mattress is available in the UK only, though Otty will soon be expanding into Europe. The ordering and delivery during our Otty mattress review was easy enough, but there was a long delivery delay of about a month (as online reviewers have mentioned), which we were made aware of from the outset. On Otty’s website, the expected shipping dates are clearly stated, although it is subject to change, so if you’re not prepared to wait, don’t order. If your chosen size is listed as in stock though, your mattress can be delivered as soon as the next day to mainland postcodes—though 3-7 days is the standard.

Delivery straight into a room of your choice costs £10, delivery and unpacking is £20 and delivery, unpacking and old mattress removal is £50. If you opt for the free delivery service, the mattress will be left at your door or in a “safe place” if you’re not home. We received several texts from the driver with progress updates on delivery day, with the last one 40 minutes before he arrived. This kind of precision is very handy if you’ve got a few errands to run, so despite the long wait, the day of delivery all ran very smoothly.

Linda Clayton

An interiors journalist for more than 20 years, Linda Clayton has worked on a wide array of consumer titles, including Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, Country Homes & Interiors and Real Homes. 


She graduated from Cardiff’s esteemed School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies with a First Class degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Magazine Journalism.