Looking to get rid of your old cracked plastic plant pots? B&Q wants to take them off your hands

Hardware store B&Q is now offering valuable in-store recycling for your old plastic plant pots

picture of plastic plant pots in greenhouse to support the B&Q plastic plant pot recycling scheme
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Do you ever feel a little guilty throwing away your plastic plant pots that have seen better days? Well luckily for you, B&Q have started a new recycling scheme that makes your greenhouse clear out a guilt-free task. 

With all the garden trends that come and go you might find yourself burning through many plastic plant pots, those seeds can't house themselves after all. Unless you're already ahead of the curve with sustainable garden ideas, simply discarding the pots feels rather wrong, environment-wise. 

Realising this frustrating issue, B&Q is launching a plastic plant pot recycling station at over 100 of their stores nationwide and we couldn't be happier about it.

B&Q plastic plant pot recycling scheme 

Whilst you can use eggshells in your garden for planting seedlings, the larger more bulky plastic plant pots can't really be substituted unless you splurge for a terracotta or ceramic one instead.

To combat this waste, B&Q has installed plant pot recycling stations so people can drop off old and unwanted plastic pots which they will then recycle and turn into new pots. The aim is to help reduce plastic waste whilst also reusing the materials to be made into something useful again. 

The best part? You can purchase the pot that B&Q are making with the recycled pots that customers drop off and it's a rather impressive plastic pot we must say. The Blacksmith Planter Pot is only £4 and is made of 100% recycled plastic, it features two side handles for easy moving and is weather resistant, perfect for UK gardens. 

The head of quality and sustainability at B&Q, Samantha Dyer, says, "As a business, we want to make a positive difference through tangible actions and continue to put innovation at the forefront of our approach to helping our customers make more sustainable choices." 

She explains that the recycling points will allow them to repurpose something that is so often discarded and that the stations are also meant to be a convenience for customers to recycle whilst they shop. So whilst you're picking up wildflower seeds for your rewilding trend garden you can get rid of your damaged plastic pots at the same time! 

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To find out if your local B&Q has a recycling station simply head to their website at DIY.com and search your area. If your nearest store isn't offering the service quite yet then other gardening centres often offer a similar scheme and it's a good idea to research centres near you to get involved.

Alternative sustainable plant pots to buy

Not wanting to wait until the B&Q recycled plant pot is available? No worries, we found some fantastic alternatives that are just as sustainable and will meet your gardening needs whilst helping the planet no matter your budget. 

If you're more of a terracotta pot gardener, then knowing how to clean terracotta pots is the best way to get the most out of them and ensure they last as long as possible. Otherwise, we recommend you shop sustainably when possible and participate in wildlife-friendly trends like mosaic gardening

It's worth noting, isn't the first step towards sustainability that the company has made, B&Q are a founding member of the FSC which works towards protecting forests and practising sustainable timber collection. You can also recycle your batteries, electrical cables and light bulbs at selected stores, their plant pot stations are just another helpful step in a long line of eco-friendly initiatives. Good work B&Q.

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