32 inspiring fence ideas, from classic white picket fences to decorative cement

Looking to renovate your garden this year? Why not try out one of these 32 inventive garden fence ideas?

three different types of fence ideas, including a white picket fence, a hedge and pink slats
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Whether you're looking for some privacy from your neighbours or simply want to refresh your outdoor space, it's surprising what a good quality fence can do.

Garden trends might come and go, but fences will always be a constant. While you might think there's a limit to what you can achieve with a fence, with a bit of creativity you'll be happy to know there are a lot more options for your garden.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for Japandi garden ideas or are going for a quiet luxury-style garden, you no longer have to rely on just privacy plants to bring some peace of mind and style to your garden.

Wood slat planter wall

plant pots on pallet fence

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This design is relatively simple as its main base is an already constructed wooden pallet, the only real work that needs to be done to achieve it is to attach some planters on the side. You can choose any alluring plants you desire for inside the pots and it'll look super effective!

Dipamkar Set of 10 Metal Hanging Plant Pots: £12.99 at Amazon

Dipamkar Set of 10 Metal Hanging Plant Pots: £12.99 at Amazon

If you're looking to spruce up your fence, pallet design or not these hanging planters are perfect. They come in an array of colours and are weather-resistant.

Woven bamboo trellis fence

woven bamboo trellis fence

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An impactful and practical option, the trellis pattern not only offers more privacy than a regular vertical bamboo fence would but it also adds a lot more dimension and decoration. Bamboo is a great material to use in your garden as it's sustainable, hard-wearing and looks super chic too.

Mesh fence with roses

mesh fence with roses

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Not only is this fence design one of the most affordable budget garden ideas, but it's also completely customisable. Here, the example shows the fence being partnered with rose bushes which not only adds beauty but also privacy. However you could add any perennial bush that you like. Why not try it with hydrangeas?

Bug hotel fence

bug hotel fence

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This is a great fence design choice for anyone into their sustainable garden ideas and of course anyone who's not too scared of creepy crawlies. Incorporating a bug hotel no matter what the size into your fence will not only welcome native wildlife but also lend itself to a really interesting look.

Lattice privacy wall with hanging flowers

Lattice privacy wall with hanging flowers

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The best of both worlds, this option offers the privacy of a lattice fence with the beauty and fun of potted plants. Why not add some of the best garden plants to your pots and make a stunning floral display? Your guests won't even recognise the stunning design feature as a fence.

Tin planter fence

tin plant pots with vinyl fence

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By using a vinyl fence with dotted colourful plant pots, you have a fence that's low maintenance, durable and easy on the eyes. We particularly like the height of this one, making it perfect for hanging climbing plants like ivy or even for growing tomatoes!

Costal rope garden border

coastal rope fence

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Bring the beach to your back garden with some coastal rope borders, they're great for seaside climates or any places that get a little more extra moisture through the seasons due to the durability of the ropes. They're also perfect if you're looking for something a little more natural looking; something more inviting than an iron or picket fence.

Pallet planter fence

wooden pallet with herb garden

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Did someone say farm to table? Why not mix your love of cooking with smart design choices? This pallet fence doesn't need extra pots or any screwing, simple fill the horizontal gaps in the back of the pallets with some mesh lining and add all your favourite herbs. It's the perfect mini edible garden!

50/50 privacy fence

Privacy fence planter, 50/50 fence

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Should you be looking for something a little taller and with a lot more privacy, then opting for a hybrid fence like this one is a great way to ensure security without sacrificing on style. As seen here, you can choose a sturdy concrete base and then add a box hedge top to soften the look. A great choice for back gardens that might face streets or footpaths.

Boho-style fence

boho wood fence

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This design is for anyone who has a minimalist vision for their back garden, one of peace and light. Using white-washed wood is a great way of lighting up a space, ideal if you're looking for small garden ideas, while also providing a good level of privacy. We especially love this for an outdoor living room idea as it would look great with added string lights!

A manicured hedge

box hedge

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There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple and traditional and the box hedge is the epitome of "if it ain't broken don't fix it"! Not only does it offer a great deal of privacy when full-grown, it's also extremely natural-looking. The only downside is that it does take regular maintenance to keep it in shape, but no more than painting a fence seasonally would.

Pallet fence

pallet fence

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It doesn't get much easier than a simple pallet fence, whether you're after a more rustic look or don't have the time or budget to invest in a complex fencing structure, pallets are a great option. Here we see the homeowner has used hanging planters to jazz it up but you could stain it, paint it or leave it as is.

Lattice privacy fence

Lattice privacy fence

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Lattice fences are a great cottage core garden idea as they offer a border without stealing away light from you and your plants. Whilst lattice fences alone don't offer much privacy they're perfect partitions for within your garden or your allotment, plus your plants will thank you for the extra space to grow.

Horizontal slat fence

horizontal slat fence

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You've seen the vertical slat fence but have you ever seen the horizontal one? Yes, it's a simple design choice but it's extremely effective and will level up your outdoor space without having to spend a small fortune on something more complex. It also offers a great deal of privacy and can have as much gappage as you want.

Metal conduit fence

steel conduit fence

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While this metal fence won't be everyone's cup of tea it does offer a great deal of security and durability. Why not swap out the metal bannister for a wooden one? This way you have a softer surface to lean on but the fence will still have the support of the steel cables running through. Perfect if you live in a particularly windy area.

Vinyl fence

white vinyl fence

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Most fences will belong on the list of items you shouldn't pressure wash in your garden, but a good quality vinyl fence should be able to withstand even your best jet washer. So not only are fences great maintenance-wise, but they are also super durable and will make your garden look expensive (even on a limited budget).

Vintage wire fence

vintage wire fence

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If privacy isn't your objective and you enjoy chatting with your neighbours over the fence, this is a great option. This vintage wire fence is perfect for welcoming friendly chit-chat while also bordering your outdoor space. We can't get enough of the white wire with the florals in this example but you can use any plants you'd like to decorate the border.

White picket fence

white picket fence

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Ah yes, the classic white picket fence. Perhaps the most iconic - and popular - fence, this design is perfect for those living a peaceful idyllic life in the suburbs and this style will never not look good. Whilst the fence may be a little too stark for some, you can add flowers for a splash of colour. We love this example, where they've added hibiscus flowers to soften the look and make it even more personable.

Simple wooden fence

simple wood slat fence

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While this fence certainly isn't going to turn many heads, it's extremely practical and with some good quality wood, it'll last you for years. This design is perfect if you're not looking to make a statement with your garden's borders, perhaps you just want something clean-looking that will do the job. Well, look no further!

Twig palisade fence

twig palisade fence

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Although this might not look like much of a fence, the twig palisade design is one of our favourites. It's not only charming looking, but it's also surprisingly strong with each twig connected by a strong metal wire - perfect for windy areas. You might have seen this fencing near the seaside or in rural areas but it would look equally as good in an inner city garden.

Ornate cut-out cement fence

oranate cut-out cement fence

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A fence design fit for a royal. This look is perfect for any quiet luxury-style garden as it's not overly complicated but is made of high-quality durable materials with a super chic elegant cut-out design. Whilst this design is on the more expensive side, the investment will certainly be worth it in the long run.

Round steel fence

round steel fence

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Although this fence is made of steel, it's nothing short of whimsical. The repeated circular design lets in a lot of light and doesn't sacrifice any space. For that reason, we wouldn't recommend this for privacy functions but it's perfect for a hybrid fence or a simple garden border.

Chicken wire fence

chicken wire fence

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You might not actually class this as a fence but many gardens, especially ones with chickens (of course) will benefit from smaller internal chicken wire fences. Not only is the material extremely pliable but it's also ideal for keeping pests out and pets in. It's a win-win.

Classic log fence

traditional log fence

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If you're lucky enough to have a lot of land, perhaps even a couple of acres, then you might not particularly want to spend a small fortune on a decorative fence. That's where this classic log design can be useful, it's ideal for marking land borders and keeping out large animals without breaking the bank.

Bamboo fence

bamboo privacy fence

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There's nothing worse than living next to nosy neighbours or a super busy footpath, as it quickly turns your garden into a public museum. To avoid prying eyes, we love the use of gathered bamboo screens as it offers that beloved privacy without taking up too much space in your garden. Plus you can curve it or shorten it with minimal effort!

Recycled picket fence

recycled picket fence

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Not quite into the uniform look? This recycled picket fence is a great way of saving on costs, minimising waste and adds a unique statement piece to your garden. Choosing different types of wood slats to add to your picket fence will create a completely one-of-a-kind pattern that no one else's garden will have.

Artistic fencing

artistic painted fence

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This one is for the creative minds and the best part is that it's completely customisable. Whether you're into wall murals with hyper-realistic images or want your fence to be awash with cartoon flowers, it's completely up to you. Another advantage is the ability to change it up whenever you want, simply re-prime and paint over it with a new design.

String light fence

string light fence

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This fence combines style with function as it'll not only provide a stunning statement to your garden but it'll also give your outdoor space light. Whether you like to have guests over in the summer or not, having some solar-powered lighting like these string lights is ideal for elevating those summer night BBQs without effort.

Ivy covered fence

ivy wall

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If you already have a well-established fence in your garden but are looking to change things up then why not let some ivy grow over it? It's definitely a long-term investment and you might not achieve the look for some time but when you do it'll be so worth it. Major secret garden vibes!

Concrete block fence

ventilation concrete block

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This fence is where privacy meets durability. There's nothing quite like concrete to guarantee that you'll have it for a long, long time. While this design is no doubt hard wearing, the grid effect softens the look and it could be taken one step further with some climbing plants or added outdoor lights.

Decorative concrete wall

decorative full length concrete wall

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Sometimes you just need a fence that's going to keep you safe and look great. This decorative slatted concrete fence is just that, with sturdy cement slats keeping it in place, there is very little that will weather it. This fence design is also perfect if you need something to be erected as soon as possible, you don't need to wait for this one to grow that's for certain.

Modern gabion

modern gabion fence

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You might recognise this design from elsewhere, perhaps beloved coastlines and seaside towns. That's because the gabion design is often used on a much larger scale for coastal management as it acts as a barrier for vanishing coastlines. However, on a smaller scale, they are a unique decorative fence idea that will hold up in nearly every weather type.

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