I own three coffee machines already but this Prime Day Nespresso Vertuo deal convinced me I needed a fourth

Amazon's Prime Day Nespresso Vertuo deal is unmissable!

red Nespresso Vertuo machine on a black swirl background to signify Amazon Prime Day Nespresso vertuo deal
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Amazon's Nespresso Vertuo deal this Prime Day has convinced me to break my post-lockdown shopping strike—despite the fact that I own three coffee machines already.

While a fourth coffee machine may sound excessive, there's a reason I can't help myself (and it's not just the 62% discount). Any die-hard coffee fan will know it's important to have the right equipment for the type of drink you want.  While I admire the ease of a kettle and a spoon of instant, my tastebuds are never fully satisfied by this.

For a fresh coffee taste, I have my filter coffee maker (opens in new tab)—which is also my go-to on those mornings when I know I'm going to need several cups to make it through to lunchtime (thanks to the big jug capacity and warming plate). For a satisfying crema when the flat white cravings hit, I use a proper espresso machine (opens in new tab).

But I am looking for a quick way to brew my morning espresso and replicate my favorite coffee shop cup. And the Nespresso Vertuo is top of my shopping list this Amazon Prime Day.

This is definitely one of the best coffee machine deals we expect to see all year...

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Nespresso Vertuo Plus Special Edition: $250.39 $95.97 (save $154.41) (opens in new tab) / £179.99 £68.99 (save £111 / 62%) | Amazon (opens in new tab)

Nespresso's intelligent Vertuo system brews the correct amount of coffee automatically by detecting the size pod that you're using, so you can brew fresh espresso in a number of sizes with the click of just one button. Choose from Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Double Espresso (80ml) and Espresso (40ml) pods—it's like having your own barista at home with you. 

I have the older version of this machine, which I bought four years ago. And while I love that trusty little appliance, the brand's new Vertuo range offers something that's too tempting to say no to as someone who is coffee-reliant. The multi-cup sizes, compact design, easy-to-use functions, and special range of delicious-tasting pods are worth breaking my shopping strike for!

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