Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm review: Can this budget buy ever be beaten?

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm is thick, lightweight and won't break the bank – so that equals big points all round from us.

Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm
(Image credit: Meglio)
Woman & Home Verdict

Lightweight, exceptionally cushioned and great value – what’s not to love?

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good value

  • +

    Ultra lightweight

  • +

    Very thick

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Slippy when wet

  • -

    Limited colour choice

  • -

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Looking for a new yoga mat? I tested a wide selection of the best yoga mats and considered comfort, grip, design and versatility. 

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm – which is super spongey and great for high impact – could be for you. How to be sure? We’ve put one through its paces from the moment it was unwrapped, so you can see if you think it’s worth the investment.

Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm specifications

Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm
Thickness: 7mm
Material: TPE material
Weight: 800g

Who will the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm suit?

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm is ideal for anyone who wants to help protect joints.

What is the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm like to use?

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm offers a consistently good experience, especially if you are using it every day. It really delivers on comfort and durability. I’m 5ft 6in and this mat is a pretty standard size, and was ideal for my height. However, if you are a lot taller, this one might not be suitable and, unfortunately, Meglio currently does not have any longer-length options. 

The best thing about this yoga mat is that it’s really light to carry about and, while the extra depth does add some bulk, it’s quick to roll up after use. It’s also easy to transport, especially as it comes with a carry strap, making it perfect to be used both at a yoga studio or in your own home.

My only complaint is that one end always stays slightly rolled up and it doesn’t fully lie flat. However, this may be because I’ve not stored it flat and this doesn’t really interfere with a workout. Plus, it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight. I didn’t do this and the colour has faded slightly.

Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm without strap

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm

(Image credit: Meglio)

The Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm material and design

The downside with the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm is the limited choice in colour. It only comes in red (almost a burgundy) or black. This unisex choice has a subtle, repetitive and slightly embossed pattern on one side. It also has the Meglio logo printed on one end, which seems a bit larger in size than a lot of brands, but it’s still not offensive. While it may not be super stylish, it’s very practical and will appeal to the majority.

Made with non-toxic, eco-friendly yet durable material, this yoga mat doesn’t have any artificial aroma, which is often the case for budget buys. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and left to dry naturally.

The grip of the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm

This yoga mat grips really well, which is thanks to the deep texture marks on the underside of the mat. My hands and feet didn’t slip at all, even when I was using the mat for HIIT. 

When I tried and tested this budget buy on carpet, it didn’t move. When placed on a wooden floor, there was a fraction of movement, but only in comparison with some of the more expensive choices. I also poured water over this mat to see how it would grip and, although it became slightly slippery, it was a lot less than most of the others. Therefore, I feel it’s suitable for Hot Yoga - but it did take a while for it to dry.

Thickness and comfort of the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm

At almost 8mm, the thickness of this mat is ideal for anyone who has issues with their joints, especially putting knees or elbows on the floor. As the mat is thicker, I felt I had slightly less connection with the floor than thinner mats, but I was still able to move around and get into standing poses without wobbling about. This is because although it is foamy, it’s quite a dense foam, so it stays steady.

This extra thickness really makes it good for beginners, too – it can be the boost you need to keep going and is really comfortable if you want to lie down, relax and meditate. If you still find this yoga mat too thin, then it may be worth investing in the Meglio Yoga Mat 10mm, which is a similar price.

How does the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm rate online? 

Online reviews for the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm are pretty much unanimously good, with many highly rating the level of comfort, great price and slip-proof nature of the design. Many also love the eco-friendly element of the mat, which is rare with such a bargain option.

Is the Meglio Premium Yoga Mat 7mm worth buying?

Yes, this is definitely worth the money and is the best budget buy I tried and tested by far. For the same price as a pizza for two, you get exceptional quality, great comfort and even a carry strap. The deal can’t be beaten.

Faye M Smith

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