Martha Stewarts’s custom cooling pillows will elevate your bedroom to hotel level instantly, and they’re 30% off

We're never going to have a sleepless night again after buying these Martha Stewart pillows

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Self-cooling pillows from Martha Stewart's home collection are on sale for 30% off for Prime Day, so naturally we're setting off to buy them immediately.

You've likely encountered the anxiety-inducing and ever frustrating feeling of not being able to fall asleep. Tossing and turning back and forth is no fun, especially if you have a packed day ahead of you - so that's why we're always looking for sleep hacks to ensure that, no matter where we are, we can get the best sleep possible to ensure a great day every day. 

One of the things that is a huge factor in ensuring a good night's sleep is having high quality pillows that suit all of your preferences - after all, there are many factors to consider when choosing pillows. Do you like them soft or hard? Do you prefer a down pillow? How about a pillow that has cooling technology?

Regardless of what type of pillow you prefer, we've found a pair of pillows on Amazon from Martha Stewart's home collection that are sure to please everyone with their versatility - and they're a whole 30% off for Prime Day 2023.

MARTHA STEWART Down Alternative Bed Pillows King Size Set Of 2, $45 (£34) | Amazon
Prime Day 2023

MARTHA STEWART Down Alternative Bed Pillows King Size Set Of 2, $45 (£34) | Amazon

Perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers, these pillows continuously conform to your head and neck movements and adjust to your preferred position - and feature cooling technology so you never have to give a flip to the "cold side" of the pillow.

These pillows go the extra mile in all aspects - with cooling technology, they are sure to give a cooling effect all night so you never have to do that sometimes necessary flip to the "cold side" of your pillow. 

Additionally, these pillows have a quiet luxury aesthetic to them, giving them a hotel pillow feel - and who doesn't love a hotel pillow? According to the product description, the pillows are "detailed with an elegant tone-on-tone vertical dobby stripe pattern and featuring a blue satin piping on all sides." Sounds pretty luxurious to us. 

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Martha Stewart has said in the past that sleep is very important to her, and she has some bedtime habits (which are not all healthy, she admits) that help her fall asleep every night. 

For starters, Martha told TODAY that she always takes her makeup off and fully washes her face before bed. "You must, must, completely clean your face," she said.

She also notes that she loves being an iPad scroller before bed, doing everything from reading the New York Times to playing games or doing puzzles. "I do all of that while I'm lying in bed," she recalled.

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