summer dress workout photo

Want to look and feel toned and confident this summer? Then the summer dress workout is for you!

Expert Lucy Wyndham-Read's summer dress workout is designed to make you look and feel your best this summer. it requies no equipment, is easy to fit in to even the busiest day and suits every fitness level.

Part one of the summer dress workout is the 18 minute fat-burning walk.

To get results we need to focus on two forms of exercise, the first being aerobic. This involves a specially created walking workout to help shift any excess body fat and increase your natural calorie burn, as well as improving your overall fitness and energy levels.

Follow the workout in real-time below...

Part two of the summer dress workout is the 5 minute tone up. Not only does this tone these key areas, but as you tone up, you'll also be neaturally increasing your daily calorie burn, so this workout will turn your body into a fat-burning machine and not a fat-storing one.

Always warm up and stretch before you start, and cool down and stretch at the end. You can follow this workout in real time as I do each exercise, so no excuse - we can do this together. The routine is simply 5 toning exercises, each just 40 seconds, then we spend 20 seconds either marching or jogging to also burn fat...

Two exercises to swot up on before you get started...

The Waist Toner

Seat yourself on the floor, with your knees bent and feet firmly on the ground. Have your hands pressed together. Pull in your tummy and lean back slightly. Now rotate to one side, aiming to get your fingertips to touch the ground. They should be beyond your hips. Hold, then rotate tot he opposite side. Do this for 40 seconds. Then go straight to either a jog or march on the spot for 20 seconds.

The Love Your Arms Cross

Stand in a wide stance with your knees slightly bent and tummy pulled in. Have your hands crossed and resting on your chest. Now extend one arm up and out and the other behind you, with both palms facing away. Hold, then return to start position, and keep alternating for 40 seconds. Then go either to a job or march on the spot for 20 seconds.

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