The Foods Secretly Stashed With Sugar

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  • We bring you the foods you would never imagine were secretly packed with high levels of the sweet stuff.

    We all feel virtuous after drinking a fruit-packed smoothie or juice, but are these increasingly popular health drinks actually adding inches to your waistline?

    Although smoothies can help increase your consumption of fruit and veg, it’s easy to just throw several ingredients into a blender without exercising portion control, which could do more harm than good.

    The optimum ratio for ingredients is 50% liquid, 25% fruit and 25% vegetables. To decrease the sugar in a smoothie, choose nut milks or coconut water as your base instead of fruit juice.

    Another way to keep sugar levels down is to stick to one serving of fruit (e.g. one apple), and avoid too many natural sweeteners like dates and honey. Load up on veggies – they’re full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, but with far less sugar than fruit.

    Keep the pulp from the fruit and veg and this will slow down the rate of sugar absorption into the bloodstream.

    Sugar may taste delicious but the side effects of over-eating the sweet
    stuff can have huge implications on our general health, weight and skin –
    not to mention all those cavities it causes in our teeth.

    to the World Health Organisation’s recommended 25gram daily allowance
    could help us to combat the side effects of eating too much sugar,
    whilst still allowing ourselves a little treat from time-to-time.

    But what if we didn’t realise the foods we were eating everyday actually contained high-levels of sugar hidden away inside?

    Many diet food products, cereals and sauces shockingly contain several teaspoons of added sugar to enhance the flavour.

    Read on to find out what other foods have a secret stash of sugar to up the flavour…

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