The Body Rescue Plan

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  • Lose 2.5 stone in 12 weeks through the power of mindset, yoga, fitness and detox. Read on to find out how...

    Get fit, healthy and lose weight with The Body Rescue Plan which has been created by award-winning celebrity trainer, Christianne Wolff.

    Using spiritual and relaxation practices, combined with fitness routines, healthy diet plans and the mindset to heal old patterns, this fat-busting plan has helped people lose weight and gain confidence in as little as 12 weeks.

    ‘I have written The Body Rescue Plan using everything I have learned over the last 20 years,’ explains Christianne.

    ‘What I have seen that has and has not worked for my clients and also myself.

    ‘I am not a naturally slim person. I have a naturally curvy, hourglass figure. However I have had a flat stomach and toned body over the years because I have worked for it and now you can too!


    Most weight loss books barely touch on working with your emotions and your mindset, or balancing your hormones or embracing love. But most people with weight issues have mind issues too, often linked to self esteem and self worth.

    ‘I think any weight loss programme has to be about feeling good, about your health, your life and most importantly, yourself. The looking good bit is a by-product of that. This is why I have written The Body Rescue slimming, mindset and fitness plan. This is years of research, studying and trialling through my clients to what I have found to be the perfect weight loss plan.’

    Not only will The Body Rescue Plan help you lose weight, but Christianne’s expert advice will help you feel more calm, confident and relaxed as well. Sign us up!

    To get started on the way to a slimmer, healthier and happier you, click through for Christianne’s 11 golden roles of The Body Rescue Plan (£23.50).

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