Reclaim your waist: 3 day diet plan

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  • Follow our low-GI diet plan for three days and lose weight from your middle as part of our reclaim your waist diet, exercise and lifestyle plan

    Day 1

    Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad with a topping of plain natural yogurt

    Snack: Hummus with crudités of carrot and celery

    Lunch: Cottage cheese with a crisp mixed salad, plus herbs

    Snack: Small handful of unsalted nuts

    Dinner: Grilled salmon and steamed vegetables

    Day 2

    Breakfast: A fruit smoothie – banana and berries

    Snack: Half an avocado with a squeeze of fresh lime

    Lunch: Canned tuna plus a crisp salad with olive oil and lemon

    Snack: A juicy piece of fruit (an apple, pear or two satsumas)

    Dinner: Stir-fry of chicken, bean sprouts, peppers, leeks, chilli and garlic

    Day 3

    Breakfast: Two poached eggs and grilled tomatoes

    Snack: A piece of fruit (an apple, pear or citrus fruit)

    Lunch: Chicken with tomato, onion and olive oil

    Snack: A handful of seeds (sunflower, pumpkin etc)

    Dinner: Seared tuna steak with steamed veg

    Follow the Reclaim your waistline diet plan

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