How To Kickstart Your Diet, Now!

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  • Easy ways to get your diet started, plus how to stick to it!

    How many times have you resolved to start the diet tomorrow, or this weekend or next month? We’ve all been there. Getting started is often the hardest part of a diet. Slip-ups along the way can be testing, too.

    But don’t fret, these tried and tested, straightforward tips will help you find the diet motivation you need to lose weight and stay svelte, the healthy way.

    From the latest studies to top expert advice, get your diet motivation here and kick start your weight loss for good. Because once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to keep going and stick to a healthy eating plan.

    Scientists have long proclaimed the calories in, calories out method when dieting but new research suggests the belief that all calories are equal is flawed. To boost your chances of weight loss success, it’s important to recognise that not all calories are equal.

Doctors at Harvard Medical School have been studying the effects of different foods on the body. And whilst 100 calories of any food may release the same energy when exposed to a Bunsen burner in the lab, a human doesn’t store them in the same way because other factors such as satiety, metabolic rate and blood sugar spikes come in to play. This means what you’re eating is much more important than the numbers on the back of a packet.


So what should you stock up on? Nuts and high fibre veg like spinach, if further research is anything to go by. Scientists have found that only three-quarters of the calories they contain are actually absorbed by the body, the rest are excreted unused, which makes peanuts the perfect 4pm snack.

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