Girls’ holidays are good for your health and happiness, according to new research

We had a hunch!

holiday with friends

Trips away with the girls are always fun, but new scientific evidence has now found they are actually good for your health, too.

New research has reportedly backed up the notion that girls’ holidays make women happier.Social-personality psychologist Dr William Chopik has suggested that these trips are essential for good health, as they can boost overall happiness levels.

His research, which was published in the journalPersonal Relationships, found that holidays with friends are good for health, because friendships “are a way to derive all the benefits of being in a relationship with someone without the enormity of it."

Or in other words - friendships seem to have more of a positive effect on overall happiness, compared to other types of relationships. This comes down to a lack of pressure.

girls holidays have positive impact on health

Dr William Chopik also told Well + Goodthat it's because they are the relationships are ones we choose to have.

“These are relationships of choice." he said, "You choose to hang out together because you enjoy each other’s company."

He explains that face-to-face interactions with friends are not only engaging, but they help to form emotional connections, too.Essentially, it’s these bonds which can make a person happier.

He added that during a holiday, “You can sit down, look them in the eye, have a true back-and-forth, and read each other’s body language.

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“They can see you and your facial expressions. You’re emotionally responding to things, and you can pick up on their emotions. You don’t always get that through a phone call.”

His findings are backed up by a 2019 study led by Harvard University.

It found that time away with friends had significant health benefits because “social connections like these not only give pleasure, they also influence our long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as adequate sleep, a good diet and not smoking."

It looks like it might be time to start planning your next trip away with friends and with Black Friday coming up, there's bound to be hundreds of holiday deals.

Despite the cold weather, we're dreaming of the sun loungers, beach and cocktails already!

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