Expert reveals how to prevent your dog's separation anxiety post-lockdown

This could save them a lot of emotional stress...

separation anxiety
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With the nation in lockdown and working from home, we've been spending way more time with our four legged friends.

But sadly, there's a chance they could develop seperation anxiety when life goes back to normal.

To help combat seperation anxiety in pets, pet joint supplement company YuMove have released a new guide in collaboration with seasoned animal health executive Chad Dodd.

How to spot if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

First of all, it's important to identify the signs of separation anxiety. Since your dog can't verbally communicate with you, it's all about their behaviours.

Signs your dog is suffering from separation anxiety

Keep an eye out for either loss of or increased appetite, excessive paw licking, hiding or becoming withdrawn, and lethargy and sleeping often.

All of these could indicate that your dog is experiencing mental health issues. But don't worry, there's ways to help!

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How to help your dog cope with separation anxiety

Stick to a routine

The first tip that Chad gives is to stick to a regular routine. As pet owners, we all have routines and schedules, and it's important to stick to this even during lockdown.

As tempting as it might be to have a lie in or switch things around, dogs respond well to a regular routine.

Chad said, "One of the best ways to get things back on track is to stick to your dog's normal routine - especially if you think that the change in behaviour is due to change in environment."

seperation anxiety


You should also be taking your dog on regular walks. Just like humans, they respond well to regular exercise.

Chad said, "By taking your dog on regular walks (or extra walks!) they will get to enjoy one of their favourite activities whilst cherishing some alone time with you."

Aside from walks, pet owners can entertain them with toys, tricks and games to keep your four legged friend feeling playful and occupied.

Spend quality time with them

Finally, it's good to keep them social because dogs are pack animals and love company.

Chad suggests, "When you are at home, try to have some alone time with your dog or include them in activities.

"You could look at signing your dog up to a doggy daycare class or look for a dog sitter/walker to keep them entertained and interactive throughout the day when you go back to work - if safe to do so."

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