Could This Bestselling French Diet Plan Help You Stay Slim?

A radical new take on dieting from creator of LeBootCamp, Valerie Orsoni

Could this French diet be the weight-loss programme to keep your excess
weight off for good? Valérie Orsoni, author of Le Boot Camp Diet is
living proof that it can.

With a strong determination to make
‘the planet healthier one person at a time’, she shares her own personal
experience of her long struggle with excess weight. After many years
yo-yo dieting using over 40 different diet plans, Valérie was ready to
embark on a dramatic lifestyle change to maintain a healthy weight.

the time, Valérie was living in France, establishing a successful
career in the finance sector. She found herself being deeply inspired by
the French diet – it encouraged her to establish healthy life habits
and focus on her body’s energy – and she felt motivated to make that
lifestyle change.

Frustrated by fad diets that never seemed to
work, she educated herself on attacking excess weight and, through the
pages of this new French diet book Le Boot Camp Diet (£9.99; Quadrille)
Valérie combines her expert knowledge with her first hand experience of
the healthy traditions and attitudes that the French encourage. 

French diet plan is divided up into simple and easy to follow phases:
detox, attack, booster and maintenance. Each phase takes inspiration
directly from the French diet and works to kickstart and then maintain
safe, steady weight loss which will last.

Following the success
of her French diet plan, Valérie worked as an internationally acclaimed
weightloss coach to several A list celebrities before deciding that this
French diet secret should be affordable and accessible to all who share
the same struggle as she did; finding a sustainable and maintainable
weight loss programme.

Today Valérie Orsoni continues to expand
her knowledge in diet and nutrition working with renowned doctors and
nutritionalists, but stays true to her first inspiration: the French

Here, Valérie reveals the radical tricks she uses to keep the weight off…

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