Big Breakfast Diet

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  • Change the way you eat with the Big Breakfast Diet - a big breakfast, light lunch and skinny supper will see those extra pounds drop off quickly!

    The Big Breakfast Diet is a very simple plan that turns traditional eating on its head. Enjoy a big breakfast and eat the most calories at the start of the day and the least calories for supper and see the weight quickly drop off!

    Your metabolism is most efficient in the morning so the Big Breakfast Diet focuses on consuming the most calories first thing, making breakfast the main meal of the day. The meals gradually get lighter until you finish off with a light suppertime snack. There’s good science showing that people who eat a good, hearty breakfast are far less likely to graze, overdo portions or crave high-calorie foods throughout the day, which ultimately keeps you away from those sneaky extra calories.

    For the next two weeks, it couldn’t be simpler. You’ll be eating no more than 1,250 calories a day, which should help you shed around 1kg or 2.2lbs a week. Aim for a breakfast of around 500 calories, lunch around 300 calories and a dinner around 200 calories. Breakfast will be your main meal of the day, so they need to be well balanced with a good mixture of protein, healthy carbs and nutrient-rich fruit and veg.

    To start off the day, why don’t you try our roasted pepper tortilla (pictured), which at only 272 calories per serving means you still have a way to go to reach the 500 calorie mark so you can accompany it with a couple of rashers of grilled bacon and one slice of wholemeal toast. This makes it a really filling and delicious choice for your first meal of the day!

    At 300 calories, lunch won’t leave you feeling hungry either and by dinner time, 200 calories will definitely seem like enough. These three meals should keep you away from snacking and you need to avoid fast food, sweet treats and alcohol on this plan to really get the best results!

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