Swedish Recipes

Swedish recipes including trout gravadlax, cinnamon buns and crayfish cocktail will quickly become family favourites with their fresh, clean flavours

Swedish recipes like trout gravadlax, cinnamon buns and anything and everything to do with crayfish are firm favourites, but there’s so much more to Swedish cooking than just these. We’ve brought together our favourite Swedish recipes for you to try at home and really give family and friends a taste of what this stunning country has to offer.

This lightly salted chicken with tomato-mint and beetroot salad (pictured) is great because the chicken is so flavoursome and tender. This is the case because once it has been salted, its flavour is enhanced and the meat becomes firmer, yet still has a perfectly tender texture.

There is a lot of smoked and pickled fish in Swedish cooking so if you want a taste of something authentic, try our Swedish surprise pasta salad – the pickled herring in it is beautifully balanced out by the clean flavour of the soured cream, and alongside the crunch cucumber and pepper, this is a beautiful salad recipe.

You can even make your own elderflower cordial at home. It really couldn’t be easier and brings a really nice, light taste of Sweden into your home. This is a really great recipe because if you bottle it up in nice bottles and decorated with some nice twine of gift labels, you could easily give your cordial to friends and family on birthdays and other occasions. They’ll really appreciate the fact that you’ve made it yourself – it always tastes better homemade as well!

For dessert, give our cinnamon buns a go, you can find them everywhere in Sweden and they’re a real treat. They couldn’t be more simple to make and will leave your home smelling pleasantly like cinnamon for hours afterwards. Plus, your family will love being greeted by the smell of freshly baked buns.

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