Detox Recipes

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  • Detox recipes to help you get healthy, feel better and become more energised. Try our healthy juice recipes, salads and healthy meal ideas

    Detox recipes have never been simpler to make and are so great for when you want to watch what you eat, or you’re feeling low on energy and simply need a boost. Find everything from healthy juices to light salads and healthy supper ideas to get you through the week and feeling energised. 

    Essentially, detoxing is the process of removing the toxins from the body, which happens by boosting certain organs, in particular the liver, kidneys and intestines. To promote your body’s detox, you need to refuel your body with healthy nutrients whilst avoiding foods that will reverse the good work you’re doing. By simplifying your diet, eating more raw fruit and veg and avoiding greasy, fatty foods, you’ll allow your body to rid itself of impurities and restore its natural balance. You’ll feel healthier, your skin will look brighter, you’ll have more energy and this will allow healthy weight loss. 

    It’s no secret that spinach has a multitude of health benefits, with its high iron content and antioxidant qualities, we should be getting plenty of this leafy green veg in our diet. If you’re struggling for ideas, then why not try our spinach juice – it’s a really simple way to make use of a bag of spinach and it’s surprisingly tasty. Start your morning with a cleansing juice that’ll really set the tone for the rest of the day. 
    We’ve got so many recipes for you to try that’ll kick-start your detox but they wont leave you feeling hungry. Start your morning off with some avocado on toast with a poached egg, or a healthy juice or smoothie, and carry on through lunch with a soup or healthy salad. For supper enjoy a prawn and kale stir-fry or a soup and if you don’t fancy either then we have so many more recipes for you to try.
    Whether you’re looking to lose weight or feel sluggish and need a detox, we’ve got all the recipes you need to take you from breakfast through to dinner. 

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