Christmas cheesecake recipes that will have your mouth watering

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  • It's almost Christmas, and for many of us, that means sweet treats and desserts galore.

    And if you aren’t a fan of mince pies or a traditional Christmas pudding, these cheesecake recipes will make a wonderful alternative Christmas dessert, including a nougat cheesecake and a baked orange and cranberry cheesecake.

    Find Christmas cheesecakes to impress your guests as they tend to make a fail-safe festive dessert.

    Some people enjoy the texture of a classic cheesecake while others prefer the slightly lighter texture if it’s baked – either way, all these recipes are easy to make and look stunning, leaving your dinner guests wondering how you’ve had time to put them together!

    Many of these Christmas cheesecake recipes feature seasonal fruits like cranberries, nectarines and apples and or go for frozen fruit as a great addition to the traditional cheesecake recipe.

    Our pick of Christmas cheeseake recipes features many that can be made a day or so in advance and topped with fruit or nuts right before serving for wow factor, making Christmas prep that little bit easier. Choose from a lighter recipe that melts on the palate to finish off a heavy Christmas lunch, or something a bit richer, darker and sweeter that feels really festive and indulgent.

    This black cherry and Kirsch cheesecake (pictured) is so festive. It’s perfectly creamy with a wonderfully crumbly base that will really make your Christmas extra special. Many people don’t enjoy Christmas pudding, so this makes a fantastic alternative.

    You could also customize the recipes and use your favourite biscuits in the base – if you’d like to add an extra bit of richness to your cheesecake, use chocolate biscuits instead of plain, for example. But remember, part of what makes a cheesecake such a wonderful dessert is its simplicity.

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