These gin advent calendars start at just £30 and we're already feeling jolly

Surprise a loved one, or treat yourself, to one of these delicious gin advent calendars for 2020.

gin advent calendars 2020
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Gin continues to be one of the nation’s favourite tipples - why not invest in one of these gin advent calendars 2020 for a very merry Christmas.

2020 hasn't been the easiest year. And while we're not advocating that alcohol is the answer for washing down your troubles, a tipple a day sounds like a very good idea indeed for a more jolly December (if you'd rather splash out on some beauty and makeup treats, our best beauty advent calendars round up should provide plenty of inspiration...) 

There's a big question mark over the festive season as we know it. Gone is the anticipation of festive gatherings at Christmas markets and raucous Christmas parties - at least for this year. But we're not here to depress you, even though the prospect of a Christmas lacking the usual merriment may leave you opting for a double. Quite the opposite in fact. There are plenty of ways to get into the festive spirit at home and these gin advent calendars for 2020 are an excellent place to start (as are these G&T crackers, or this M&S rose prosecco for the Christmas table, FYI).

Mother’s milk or mother’s ruin, whatever you choose to call the juniper-flavoured spirit it seems than gin continues to soar in popularity come rain or shine. Thank goodness the days where advent calendars were only for children are behind us, because there are more and more exciting varieties every year. From beauty advent calendars to crisps and candles, or even marshmallows and wine, you no longer have to settle for a standard chocolate countdown to Christmas.

But if gin is your (or someone's you love) tipple of choice, then we've rounded up some of the best gin advent calendars 2020 you can buy right now. Either add them to your wish list, start dropping some serious hints to your loved ones, or splurge and treat yourself to an early festive purchase. You won't regret it...

The best gin advent calendars 2020

Gin advent calendars 2020: Hotel Chocolat The Grand Advent Calendar

(Image credit: Hotel Chocolat)

1. Hotel Chocolat The Grand Advent Calendar

The best gin advent calendar for chocolate lovers

Available:: Now
Price: £68
Number of products: 16
Good for: Chocolate and gin lovers!
Design: Classic
Reasons to buy
+Chocolate and gin - what could be better?+Christmas chocolates!
Reasons to avoid
-If gin is all you're after, this may not be for you

If you're a gin-lover who also has a penchant for chocolate, this Hotel Chocolat calendar is the perfect option for you! With a bottle of cocoa gin and a variety of 14 different chocolates, this is the ideal way to indulge during the festive season. Plus, it would make for a great gift for a loved one, too. 

Gin advent calendars 2020: The Bottle Club Pink Gin Premium Advent Calendar

(Image credit: The Bottle Club)

2. The Bottle Club The Premium Pink Gin Advent Calendar

The best for pink gin fans

Available: Now
Price: £49.99
Number of products: 12 miniatures
Good for: Pink gin lovers
Design: Super girly
Reasons to buy
+You'll be a pink gin connoisseur after consuming+Top brands are included
Reasons to avoid
-No good if you don't like pink gin-Only 12 days

Pink gin has a loyal legion of fans, whether it's raspberry, watermelon or grapefruit gin that takes your fancy. We love the look of this fun gin advent calendar - and it's sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives it for a gift. 

Try a range of flavours with a pink twist to realise your ultimate pink gin favourite. This delightful selection offers up 12 different brands to try out leading up to the big day.

gin advent calendars 2020: The Bottle Club 12 Gins of Christmas

3. The Bottle Club 12 Gins of Christmas Advent Calendar, £39.99

The best gin advent calendar for serious gin lovers

Available: Now
Price: £39.99
Number of products: 12 miniatures
Good for: Classic gins
Design: Minimalist
Reasons to buy
+With all the classic gin brands it's a good way to polish up on your gin knowledge+It's a bargain too!
Reasons to avoid
-You prefer more outlandish packaging so it can be a feature in your room-You prefer fruity or more quirky flavours

For gin enthusiasts, it doesn't get much better than this delicious selection of gin miniatures from the world's favourite gin brands, including favourites Hendrick's, Beefeater and Gordon's. This is a great choice for real gin enthusiasts who want to try all the bestsellers out there. 

Which is your favourite premium gin brand? It may be something different after sampling this calendar. Plus, you may learn a little about different gin brands along the way. This one is available to pre-order now, so get in their early.

Gin Advent Calendars: Master of Malt That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

4. Master of Malt That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar

Best gin advent calendar for quirky gin lovers

Available: Now
Price: £49.95
Number of products: 24 miniatures
Good for: Fun flavours
Design: Renaissance
Reasons to buy
+The packaging looks like a professional painting+It's a steal of a price with 24 gins
Reasons to avoid
-You prefer luxury goods more and a minimal design

Drinks by the Dram and That Boutique-y company join forces in this boozy calendar. Inside you’ll find 24 drams including a delicious chocolate orange gin! What better way to get into the Christmas spirit?

This gin calendar is great for those who want to try something a little more unusual than mainstream gin brands - and who don't mind an alternative range of flavours!

Gin advent calendars 2020: Masters of Malt The Premium Gin Advent Calendar

5. Masters of Malt The Premium Gin Advent Calendar

Best gin advent calendar for gin connoisseurs

Available: Now
Price: £84.95
Number of products: 24 miniatures
Good for: Lovers of luxury
Design: Arty
Reasons to buy
+Festive gin flavours to get you excited for Christmas+The packaging wouldn't look amiss on a mantlepiece
Reasons to avoid
-If you don't like adventurous flavours or quirky designs

If you like variety with your gins, this is a great advent calendar as it contains fruity varieties such as That Boutique-y Gin company’s cherry gin or Chase’s Pink Grapefruit and Pomela Gin as well as a festive gin made with frankincense and Myrrh. 

There are so many brilliant alternative brands here - a great gift for that friend or family member who likes to deviate from the mainstream. And if you're the lucky one trying these flavours, you may just find a new favourite gin!

Gin advent calendars 2020: Not On The High Street Gin Filled Giant Advent Cracker

6. Not On The High Street Gin Filled Giant Advent Cracker

Best gin advent calendar for novelty fans

Available: Now
Price: £144.95
Number of products: 24 miniatures
Good for: Gin pros
Design: Sleek
Reasons to buy
+If you count yourself as a gin expert then these artisan brands may pique your interest and how could you resist the giant cracker packaging?
Reasons to avoid
-It's expensive and you'll have lots of drinking to do

This selection features artisan manufacturers to well know brands - so there's something for every taste. It's slightly pricer than other ones on the market, but the variety is worth spending a little more. Plus, who doesn't want a HUGE cracker filled with gin. In terms of design, this one is a big winner for us!

Gin advent calendars 2020: brewdog gin calendar

7. 12 Lonewolf Gins Of Christmas

The best gin advent calendar for gin-drinking risk takers

Available: Now
Price: £49.95
Number of products: 12 miniatures
Good for: Risk takers
Design: Alternative
Reasons to buy
+You're a Brewdog beer fan and are intrigued by their gin+The flavours are like no others around
Reasons to avoid
-Only eight gins and the alternative and quirky packaging may not be for you

This advent calendar features eight new gin flavours from the brand and four returning heroes. Brewdog has a full list of them on their website for those who want to know the details. 

You may think Brewdog is mainly for beer lovers, but these delicious gins will soon prove you wrong.

Gin advent calendars 2020: Cambridge distillery tasting set

8. Cambridge Distillery Tasting Set

The best gin advent calendar for floral and fragrant gin fans

Available: Now
Price: £99.99
Number of products: 12 miniatures
Good for: Tastemakers
Design: Country
Reasons to buy
+Seasonal botanicals used+Picture perfect packaging
Reasons to avoid
-Small amount of alcohol for the price-Not specifically an advent calendar, although it may as well be

This is one of the most beautiful we have found, it could even pass as a jewellery box, don't you think? Cambridge distillery are purveryors of luxury spirits and this is no exception. Each set includes exciting flabours like Truffle Gin, Lemon Verbena Gin, and even a Breakfast Gin (Lady Grey & Marmalade) – each created using the freshest of botanicals.

Gin advent calendars 2020: Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar

9. Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Advent Calendar

The best gin advent calendars for tonic fans

Available: Now
Price: £60
Number of products: 12 miniature tonics and gins
Good for: Classic gin drinking
Design: Botanical
Reasons to buy
+Gin and tonic... need we say more?
Reasons to avoid
-This is more for the tonic than the gin and only 12 for £99, is on the upper end of the scale

If most of your drink is tonic and not gin, why scrimp on the tonic? Fever-Tree make the best in class and once you've tried it, you'll really notice a difference. You'll have the best gin and tonic ever. Includes mediterranean, clementine, elderflower, aromatic, ginger ale and many more.

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Happy holidays!

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