Belvoir's new alcohol-free seasonal selection tastes just like the real thing

Belvoir’s ‘super seven’ alcohol-free drinks are perfect for the festive season

A selection of cocktails on a tray
(Image credit: Johner Images/Getty Images)

Belvoir have put together a selection of alcohol-free drinks that are sure to bring the festive cheer this year. 

These seven great alcohol-free options are delicious alternatives to much-loved favourites. From G&T, to Moscow Mules, Pornstar Martinis and even Strawberry Mojitos, whatever cocktail flavour is your favourite, they’ve got you covered.

Each bottle is packed full of all the same fruity and refreshing flavours, without the risk of a sore head. They make for the perfect choice for non-drinkers or those who are looking to cut down on alcoholic drinks ahead of Dry January. Even cocktail fans are likely to be won over by these guilt-free options. 

Now all that’s left is to choose your favourite. But what are Belvoir’s ‘super seven’? 

Alcohol-Free Passionfruit Martini

A bottle of Belvoir's Non-Alcoholic Passionfruit Martini

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Juniper & Tonic

Bottle of Belvoir Juniper and Tonic

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Mulled Winter Punch

Bottle of Belvoir Mulled Winter Punch

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Spiced Ginger Punch

Bottle of Belvoir Spiced Ginger Punch

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Sparkling Ginger & Lime

Bottle of Belvoir Sparkling Ginger & Lime

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Strawberry, Lime & Mint Cordial

Bottle of Belvoir Strawberry, Lime & Mint Cordial

(Image credit: Belvoir)

Ginger Beer

Bottle of Belvoir Ginger Beer

(Image credit: Belvoir)