Avocado lovers listen up! You've probably been cutting them wrong all this time...

Avocado fans discover they've been cutting them totally wrong—here's how to cut avocados, according to an expert

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Avocado lovers listen up because one food blogger has a brilliant hack for keeping your avocados as fresh as a daisy—and it's all in how you cut them.

For lovers of the green fruit, laden with healthy fats, there's no end of possibilities. Maybe you add them to your salads, smother them on top of hot toast, or just utilize them by mixing them with other fruits in your best blender for a super easy smoothie. Whatever way you're inclined to use them, it's likely you've experienced the agony of one going bad before its time.

Luckily, there's a hack for that! 

Is it a squeeze of lemon? A dash of vinegar? Wrapping it up in an air-tight container? Nope, it's all down to the cut—and here's why you've been doing it wrong.

Most people cut their avocados lengthwise but according to one food blogger famed for her hacks, you should actually be chopping it around the middle.

The foodie behind the Seed and Sprout co Instagram account says that going around the middle is the only way to go. 

She explained in a recent post, "Cutting it this way means there’s less surface area to go brown when you only eat half."

After viewing this video and trying out the different method one user said, "just started cutting this way recently. soooo much better! (can't believe I didn't work it out earlier!)"

Another commented, "Sometimes you watch something and you think—why didn’t I think of that! This is one of those times ."


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Seemingly there's a small percentage of people who've always cut their avocados this way and for them, it's time to shine.

One user said, "Been doing this for over 20 yrs.. was always told I was doing it wrong."

A fellow avo expert added, "I always cut my Avocado that way. Easier to save half."


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However, with all great new ideas come a few naysayers and this hack is no different.

Traditionalists have hit back with a whole range of emotions; from slightly negative like, "This is wrong, it’s the other way around," to the extreme, "This might be illegal in latin countries."

Whichever way you cut them, there's no denying they make one hell of a tatsy snack.

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