Nigella Lawson's glamourous sell-out dressing gown is back in stock - buy it here!

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Earlier this year, Nigella Lawson captured the attention of fans with a new cooking show, At My Table.

But while Nigella's recipes, including one for rich and gooey 'emergency chocolate brownies' were tummy-grumblingly tempting, it was actually her nightwear that caught many people's eye.

Many viewers at the time took to social media, to praise Nigella's choice of dressing gown - which she wore during the show.

Fans flooded the internet to share their thoughts on the gown, and ask the cook where they could buy one for themselves.

One person wrote on Twitter, "Nigella in a silk dressing gown eating brownies on the stairs is my winter aesthetic."

Another wrote, "Completely and utterly sensational @Nigella_Lawson #AtMyTable - the dressing gown, brownies, the chicken and peas !! Best best Monday eve ❤".

A third said, "All I want in life is to look that chic while wearing a dressing gown (and holding a brownie, obvs) #nigella".

Nigella took note of all the interest in her dressing gown and put us all out of our misery by sharing where it was from. Soon after revealing where she got it however, the website was inundated with customers, all desparate to get their own.

The dressing gown, sold for £69, promptly sold out. But luckily, it appears the chic item is now back in stock!

Where to buy Nigella Lawson's dressing gown:

The much-loved cook revealed that it was the Venice map design from One Hundred Stars, with retailers Maude & Tommy. It is made from naturally occurring materials that are sourced with sustainability in mind. It is recommended that you only hand wash the gown, so eat and cook in it at your own risk!

There are currently just two gowns in stock on the site. But the good news is that it is available for back order, and will take roughly 14 days to arrive. If you cannot wait that long, Maude & Tommy also have a Paris map design, which is very similar to Nigella's, or gowns with maps of New York, Edinburgh and London.

Will you be trying to steal Nigella's style, or will you stick to just her recipes?

Jessica Ransom

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